Feed-through terminal blocks

Feed-through terminal blocks

From small to large

Connect two conductors with ease. Even large conductor cross sections are not a problem.

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Whatever you want: the large cross-section range, flexible bridging options, and optimum marking options make feed-through terminal blocks the universal connection technology solution.

Your advantages

  • Easy to operate and use, thanks to proven screw connection
  • Universal use – Connection of small to very large conductor cross sections
  • Space saving, thanks to the compact design

Two terminal points – Compact design

Feed-through terminal blocks  

Feed-through and multi-conductor terminal blocks

Feed-through terminal blocks are characterized by two terminal points and a compact design. Ground terminals of the same shape are available to match the feed-through terminal blocks. 

All bridgeable terminal blocks can be bridged together easily with multi-conductor and function terminals.

UBAL universal terminal blocks for aluminum conductors

UBAL universal terminal blocks for aluminum conductors  

UBAL universal terminal blocks for aluminum conductors

The new UBAL series of universal terminal blocks has been tested in accordance with the latest standards and is particularly suited to applications such as photovoltaics.

These universal terminal blocks make it possible to wire aluminum conductors and copper wires together in the same terminal block.

UBAL terminal blocks are available in four cross-section sizes, enabling aluminum conductors from 6 mm² to 240 mm² to be connected, along with copper wires from 2.5 mm² to 240 mm².


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