Current transducers, AC

For sinusoidal and non-sinusoidal alternating currents

For sinusoidal and non-sinusoidal alternating currents

AC current transducers can also be used to acquire distorted alternating currents and convert them into a standard analog signal.

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MCR current transducers reliably acquire alternating currents in your system. We offer two product ranges for your signal conditioning tasks: an adjustable version with a variable supply concept or a version with a hinged Rogowski sensor for extremely easy installation.

Your advantages

  • Precise acquisition of sinusoidal alternating currents using adjustable AC measuring transducers up to 12 A that can be supplied flexibly
  • Convenient installation or retrofitting even when measuring distorted currents, thanks to hinged AC measuring transducer up to 200 A

With flexible power supply – current transducers up to 12 A AC

MACX-MCR-SL-CAC-... current transducer  

MACX-MCR-SL-CAC-... AC current transducer

Active current transducers from Phoenix Contact convert sinusoidal alternating currents up to 12 A.

Your advantages:

  • Effective protection against disturbances, thanks to 3-way electrical isolation
  • Worldwide use, thanks to integrated wide range power supply unit
  • Flexible power supply and voltage bridging with the DIN rail connector
  • The input and output are conveniently set via the DIP switches on the front
  • Fast operating state diagnostics using the status LEDs
  • Suitable for potentially explosive areas, thanks to ATEX approval for Ex zone 2


With hinged Rogowski sensor – current transducers up to 200 A AC

MCR-SL-S-… current transducer  

MCR-SL-S-... AC current transducer

The AC current transducers measure sinusoidal and non-sinusoidal alternating currents between 30 Hz and 6 kHz up to 200 A. The hinged Rogowski sensor fits around conductors up to 18.5 mm.

Your advantages:

  • Installation and retrofitting without interruptions with hinged Rogowski sensor
  • Distorted alternating currents can be also acquired, thanks to true r.m.s. value measurement (TRMS)
  • Lossless current measurement without shunt, thanks to Rogowski sensor
  • Variable measuring ranges – easy selection with the slide switch
  • Fast and flexible installation, thanks to various mounting options
  • Easy wiring via COMBICON plug-in connection terminal blocks
  • Ideal for distributed applications in flat distributor boxes, thanks to the compact dimensions


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