Optimum contacting

Optimum contacting

Whether it's for small conductors, large conductors, copper, fiber optics or compressed air, you will find the right contact for your application here.

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All you need to do is choose. Phoenix Contact offers various contacts for optimum crimp connection: turned, rolled, gold-plated or silver-plated.

Your advantages

  • Comprehensive product range: compressed air, for example
  • Safety, thanks to high pull-out force
  • Contact resistance that is independent of the user, thanks to consistent crimp quality
  • Efficient processing of rolled contacts using a crimping machine

Crimp connection

Reliable contact: crimp connection  

Reliable contact: crimp connection

Consistent crimp quality and constantly low contact resistance are the advantages of crimp technology.

Crimp connections are the ideal connection system for harsh ambient conditions, such as extreme temperature changes, shock and aggressive atmospheres.

Connect the wire/crimp contact quickly and easily using crimping pliers or a crimping machine:

  1. Strip the wire
  2. Position the crimp contact in the crimping pliers
  3. Insert the wire
  4. Close the crimping pliers - and you're done

Pin/socket contacts are available in various AWG sizes, with silver-plated and gold-plated surfaces.

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