Charging controllers for e-mobility

Charging controllers
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  • DC charging controllers
    E-mobility charging controllers for semi-public and public applications.

    CHARX control professional – freely programmable controller for mode 4 charging with direct current in accordance with CCS or CHAdeMO.

  • AC charging controllers
    AC charging controllers

    CHARX control modular – compact, modular, and Plug and Play-capable control system for mode-3 charging with alternating current.

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Safe and flexible vehicle charging: You can operate any charging station with our CHARX control charging controllers – from an AC home charger in the carport to HPC charging stations on the highway. These devices monitor and control the electric vehicle charging process in accordance with internationally applicable standards such as IEC, GB/T, and SAE. Thanks to our wide range of products, you can implement a vast array of infrastructure concepts tailored to your individual requirements.

Your advantages

  • Standard-compliant products for setting up your charging stations
  • High flexibility with extensive configuration options
  • Easy implementation of intelligent charging infrastructures with integrated load management
  • Easy integration into management systems with standardized communication interfaces

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