Circular connectors for signals, data, and power

Unique variety

Circular connectors for signals, power, and data.

M8 and M12 connectors have become established as the standard for industry. Take advantage of the compact circular connectors for your interfaces and media: for signals, data and power.

We provide you with all numbers of positions and codings in one standard pin connector pattern. In addition to connectors for assembly and assembled cables, the product range also includes device connectors and distributors.

  • All in a compact design – from safe and fast data transmission and high-position signal transmission to innovative M12 power cabling
  • Consistent cabling for all interfaces from field level to the device
  • Reliable use, thanks to robust designs and high-quality materials with IP65/IP67 protection
  • Complete product range – even for more stringent requirements such as those in the food industry or in outdoor applications
  • Save time, thanks to installation with SPEEDCON fast locking system or assembly using fast connection technology


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