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Connection methods

IDC displacement connection

IDC displacement connection from Phoenix Contact  

IDC fast connection for single wires from Phoenix Contact

The IDC displacement connection from Phoenix Contact is the fastest connection for connectors.

Individual conductors no longer have to be stripped. When connected, an insulation displacement contact cuts through the conductor insulation and makes spring-loaded, vibration-resistant, and gas-tight contact with the litz wire.

The connectors with pin and socket contacts are available with metal or plastic knurl.

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Spring-cage connection

Spring-cage connection from Phoenix Contact  

Spring-cage connection from Phoenix Contact

Connectors with spring-cage connection ensure the easy and safe wiring of solid and stranded conductors. Both with and without ferrules.

The comprehensive product range consists of 4 and 5-pos. versions in straight and angled format.

In addition, the plug types with metal housing are particularly suitable for use in areas subject to EMI.

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Piercecon® fast connection

Piercecon® fast connection from Phoenix Contact  

Piercecon® fast connection from Phoenix Contact

The easy and safe assembly of compact connectors is also possible with Piercecon® technology.

The electrical connection is made by a contact pin that axially pierces the individual cores. In doing so, the contact forms the individual wires into an adapted contact zone.

Piercecon® eliminates time-consuming soldering or screwing during connection.

All versions meet the requirements of IP67 protection.

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Screw connection

Screw connection from Phoenix Contact  

Screw connection from Phoenix Contact

Connectors with screw connection are considered the classic solution in connection technology.

A variety of cables and cable qualities can be assembled on site quickly and without errors.

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