Safe motor starters

Safe motor starters

Intelligent motor switching

Motor starter, reversing function, motor protection and emergency stop combined in one hybrid motor starter.

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The CONTACTRON safe hybrid motor starters combine up to four functions in one device: emergency stop, motor starter, reversing function, and motor protection against overload. In addition to standard devices for parallel wiring, network-capable versions are also available. These can be easily integrated into fieldbus environments.

Your advantages

  • Safe shutdown up to SIL 3 and PL e
  • Space savings of up to 89 percent, thanks to the narrow design
  • Service life is ten times longer, thanks to gentle switching with CONTACTRON hybrid technology
  • Adjustable motor protection with bimetal function up to 9 A
  • Easy wiring, thanks to locking circuit and load wiring

Intelligent switching and reliable protection

CONTACTRON wiring example

Emergency stop

The integrated safety function enables use in safety-relevant emergency stop applications.

Forward running

Easy control directly via 24 V PLC output cards or 230 V AC signal.

Reverse running

Optional: reversing function including locking circuit and load wiring.

Motor protection

Convenient protection, thanks to the electronic motor protection relay with automatic and remote reset function.


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