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  • Configuration and marking
    Configuration and marking

    Planning and configuring control cabinets is very important in terms of time. So it's beneficial to be able to rely on professional support.

  • Functional safety
    Functional safety

    Functional safety prevents operating personnel from being exposed to hazards as well as preventing damage to the machine.

  • Global communication with machines
    Global communication with machines

    Global use of machines makes it increasingly important to be able to communicate with machines right around the world, as this allows you to avoid expensive servicing on-site.

  • Lower part count and reduced inventory costs
    Lower part count and reduced inventory costs

    Perfectly coordinated product solutions are a decisive factor in keeping the manufacturing costs of a machine as low as possible.

The comprehensive product range from Phoenix Contact assures you of the right solution for the widest range of application requirements in machine building. That means we can contribute decisively to your competitive edge.

Our services range from functional safety, through global machine communication, right through to modular machine building. Other key points are downtime prevention, rapid error-free installation, reduced inventory costs, and lower part counts.


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