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Varistor-based type 1 arresters

Do you need surge protection for Lightning Protection Levels III and IV? VALVETRAB MS-T1/T2 meets these requirements without the need for additional risk analysis.

High discharge capacity

The VALVETRAB MS-T1/T2 is varistor-based and has a high discharge capacity with a low residual voltage. Use the device to meet the requirements of Lightning Protection Levels III and IV.

  • The lightning current discharge capacity is 12.5 kA per channel.
  • Choose from the comprehensive product portfolio for 5, 4, and 3-conductor systems.
  • The device can be used worldwide, even with an unstable power supply with high mains voltage fluctuations, thanks to the high continuous voltage of 335 V AC or 175 V AC.
  • The one-hand plug latching ensures a secure fit in the event of strong vibrations.
  • Recurring tests for surge protective devices can be performed quickly and easily using the CHECKMASTER arrester test device from Phoenix Contact.


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