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Functional safety – from the initial idea to the finished product

MACX Analog increases system safety and availability. Independent test centers are involved throughout the entire development cycle for each module. The finished product is an isolating amplifier with tested quality and safety.

Safety lifecycle

Safety Life Cycle – from development to device operation

Safety lifecycle – development process

Phoenix Contact meets the requirements of functional safety according to IEC 61508 in a standardized development process, the safety lifecycle.

Here, all measures for fault avoidance and fault control are taken into consideration, from the very development and production of a device right up to device operation. These measures are audited within the scope of a full assessment by an independent test center.

Tested quality and safety

Independent test centers confirm quality and safety  

Tested quality and safety

Independent test centers are involved throughout the entire development cycle. All certificates, technical information, and the safety manual are available to download in the product area on our website.

Example of use: safe process monitoring

Temperature control in a tank  

Temperature control with safe shutdown

During safe process monitoring, the temperature in the tank is continuously controlled and monitored. Here, closed-loop control and the safety equipment are consistently isolated.

The freely programmable changeover contacts of the SIL-certified temperature transducers can be used for signaling and alarm generation as well as safe shutdown.


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