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IEC 61131 programming systems

The MULTIPROG programming system is your central tool in the development of automation applications. Systems are becoming increasingly complicated, and commissioning and maintenance tasks more demanding. With powerful and easy-to-operate tools, however, you can take control of even complex systems and applications.

IEC 61131 programming system MULTIPROG EXPRESS


MULTIPROG EXPRESS – ideal for controllers of low to medium complexity

MULTIPROG EXPRESS is the smaller version of the IEC 61131 programming system MULTIPROG. This easy-to-operate programming tool is designed primarily for less complex PLC application programming. The focus in this case is on convenient user support.

The programming system provides an extensive range of proven functions for intuitive and fast application development. Intelligent automated functions simplify the insertion of program instances in the task or the handling of variables, for instance.

IEC 61131 programming system MULTIPROG PRO

MULTIPROG PRO screenshot  

MULTIPROG PRO – ideal for highly complex controllers, all the way through to extremely demanding distributed controller solutions

MULTIPROG PRO is the IEC 61131 programming system for automation applications with average to maximum requirements. It provides you with professional support during all project stages – including, in particular, the engineering of distributed and heterogeneous controllers in complex systems and applications. Despite its variety of functions it is easy and intuitive to operate.

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