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Your advantages in detail

Direct access to measured values

EMpro with illuminated display  

Access to specific measured values at the touch of a button

Analyze your system parameters quickly on site. At the touch of a button, you can access precisely those measured values that are of relevance.

Use the user-friendly web server function to request measured values directly from the control center.

Easy device configuration

Web server screenshot  

Operator-controlled configuration via the web server

Configure the EMpro measuring devices on site by following the operator guidance or, for Ethernet communication, via the integrated web server on the PC.

Flexible network connection

Field bus systems

Easy integration in networks

The communication modules enable you to flexibly integrate EMpro measuring devices into network structures and fieldbus systems. This means that measured values can also be made available in the control center for further processing.

EMpro communication interfaces:

  • Ethernet with integrated web server
  • RS-485/Ethernet gateway with web server
  • RS-485, JBUS, and Modbus RTU
  • PROFIBUS DP with 1.5 Mbps or 12 Mbps

High degree of investment security

EMpro modules  

High degree of investment security, thanks to the modular structure

Special function modules and communication modules enable you to remain flexible and extend your EMpro measuring devices at any time. In this way, your measuring devices can keep pace with your growing requirements.
This means that you can enjoy a high degree of planning reliability and investment security.

EMpro extension modules:

  • Digital inputs and outputs
  • Analog outputs
  • Communication interfaces
  • Measured data memory

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