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Open and innovative

PLCnext Control devices are PLCs designed for PLCnext Technology and your future automation applications.

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PLCnext Control devices enable you to work flexibly with your preferred programming languages, whether IEC 61131-3 or high-level languages. Unlimited flexibility, with the quick and easy integration of open-source software and apps, current and future communication standards, and intelligent networking through connection to the cloud afford maximum freedom for your transition into the digital age.

Your advantages

  • Two PLCs in different performance classes enable you to optimally adapt to your automation task
  • Integrated connection to Proficloud enables you to analyze your global machine and system data
  • The PLCnext Control devices can be tailored to your relevant application using open-source software and apps
  • Open Linux operating system and high-level language support
  • PLCnext Control devices are part of the COMPLETE line system

Open and innovative – PLCnext Control for modular expansion

PLCnext Control AXC F 2152  

Open PLCnext Control in the Axiocontrol series

Phoenix Contact offers several PLCs for PLCnext Technology in its robust Axiocontrol series. They are designed for programming with high-level languages, as well as classic IEC 61131-3 languages.

The PLCs can be expanded with modules for the left side and the Axioline and Inline IP20 I/O systems.

Despite their compact design, the two Arm® Cortex® A9 processor cores – each with 800 MHz – ensure high performance and fast data exchange. Security is based on a Trusted Platform Module (TPM) where user certificates can also be stored.

A cloud connection can be established by simply scanning the QR code printed directly on the PLC.

If you would prefer to try out the operating principle, handling, and high performance of PLCnext Technology in a small-scale application first, you can use the starter kit with pre-installed components for your test applications. When you order the starter kit, you will receive one year’s exclusive free access to Proficloud.

Safety and high performance – PLCnext Control for large networks with safety-relevant devices

PLCnext Control RFC 4072S  

PLCnext Control with high performance for high-level languages

The new RFC 4072S is the first high-performance controller for PLCnext Technology. It combines maximum safety, with the use of two independent CPUs, with a high-performance four-core system, which can operate very large networks with up to 300 safety-related devices.

The simple user interface with improved handling thanks to the resistive touch screen, ensures a high level of monitoring.

With the embedded OPC UA server, the PLC is already equipped to handle future demands today, thanks to the use of a standardized communication protocol.

Standard and safety programming can be implemented via the PLCnext Engineer PLC programming software.

PLCnext Engineer PLC programming software and plugins

PLCnext Engineer PLC programming software  

PLCnext Engineer PLC programming software with plugins for individual software solutions

PLCnext Engineer is the flexible PLC programming software for the new PLC generation with PLCnext Technology. It combines all of the basic functions needed for configuration, programming, visualization, and diagnostics. Well-defined interfaces, object-oriented programming, and individually adaptable functions are just a few of the new features.

You can use the PLCnext Technology Developer Tools for Visual Studio to program your own IEC 61131-3 blocks. The setup includes all of the tools you will need to easily create your own libraries with functions and function blocks programmed in C#.

For programming in C++, you will need the Software Development Kit (SDK) that corresponds to the firmware for your controller and operating system. Here, we recommend Eclipse as the development environment with our plugin and the Library Builder for creating programs for PLCnext Engineer.

Apps for PLCnext Control in the PLCnext Store

PLCnext Store  

Apps for PLCnext Control in the PLCnext Store

Software applications (apps) for industrial applications in the field of automation technology are available for download from the PLCnext Store. They enable you to add more technical functions to PLCnext Control devices easily and directly.

Accelerate your application development process and use all-in-one apps, without requiring any additional programming knowledge.

Ready-to-use: this means that, with the PLCnext Store, a PLCnext Control device can be transformed into a solar park PLC easily and without programming, for example.

Phoenix Contact already provides numerous software libraries for PLCnext Engineer. They are now available to you as apps in the PLCnext Store for easy downloading.

Using a development app (dev app), PLCnext Technology can be easily extended with your preferred runtime environment. This allows you to also use industry-specific programming languages such as Codesys, Java, Python, and S5 (Siemens runtime environment).


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