Areas of application for industrial identification

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Areas of application for industrial identification
Terminal marking

Terminal marking – clear and distinct

Large-surface and clear marking of terminal points is essential for the quick and error-free wiring of terminal strips. The same is true for the maintenance and startup of control cabinets and systems.

Terminal markers from Phoenix Contact are optimally tailored to the terminals. They are provided as marked and unmarked terminal markings, in card, roll or even sheet form, depending on requirements.

Wire and cable marking

Conductor and cable marking – filigree or massive

Clear and permanent marking of all conductors and cables provides a much better overview of control cabinets and systems. It makes assembly and maintenance work easier and assists in rectifying faults.

Phoenix Contact conductor and cable markers provide the ideal marking option for any application. Simply choose the appropriate mounting type. The markers can be threaded on, clipped on, adhered in place, or secured with cable ties.

 Equipment marking

Equipment marking – precise marking

Marking electrical and electronic control cabinet components does not just make maintenance work easier. In some industries, it is actually a mandatory requirement. Moreover, equipment marking improves the quality of the control cabinets and systems.

Phoenix Contact offers a variety of different markers for equipment marking. From adhesive labels to high-quality engraved labels, the wide marker range caters to every application. Various printing systems are available for marking or engraving.

Plant marking

Plant marking – for orientation

The comprehensive and clear marking of plants not only guarantees safety, but is also a legal requirement. Safety and information signs provide important information and improve operational processes.

Phoenix Contact offers numerous marking labels for plant marking. From warning labels to multicolored symbol signs, the extremely diverse product range covers all applications. We offer various printing systems for marking. HF and UHF handheld devices and matching markers with transponders or tags are also available. With the RFMARK RFID system, data can be received, transmitted, and scanned without physical or visual contact.