Signal duplicator - MINI MCR-SL-UI-2I

MCR 4-way signal duplicator for the electrical isolation and doubling of analog signals with screw connection, order configuration. Replacement part: 2905025 MINI MCR-2-UI-2UI-C.


Product Details

The 6.2 mm wide configurable 4-way isolating amplifier MINI MCR-SL-UI-2I-... is used for electrical isolation, conversion, amplification and filtering of standard signals.
On the input side, the analog standard signals 0...20 mA, 4...20 mA, 0...10 V or 1...5V can be selected, on the output side there are two current outputs that can be set independently of one another with a 0...20 mA-, or 4...20mA signal, electrically isolated (4-way isolation).
The DIP switches, which can be accessed on the side of the housing, can be used to configure the input and output signal ranges.
Power (19.2 V DC to 30 V DC) can be supplied through connection terminal blocks on the modules or in conjunction with the DIN rail connector.

Product type Signal duplicator
No. of channels 2
Insulation characteristics
Overvoltage category II
Pollution degree 2

No. of channels 2
Rated insulation voltage 50 V AC/DC
Electrical isolation Basic insulation according to EN 61010
Electrical isolation between input and output yes
Limit frequency (3 dB) approx. 35 Hz
Maximum power dissipation for nominal condition 500 mW
Test voltage, input/output/supply 1.5 kV AC (50 Hz, 60 s)
Protective circuit Transient protection
Step response (0–99%)  10 ms
Maximum temperature coefficient < 0.01 %/K
Temperature coefficient, typical < 0.004 %/K
Maximum transmission error ≤ 0.2 % (of final value)
Transmission error, typical < 0.1 %
Nominal supply voltage 24 V DC
Supply voltage range 19.2 V DC ... 30 V DC (The DIN rail bus connector (ME 6,2 TBUS-2 1,5/5-ST-3,81 GN, Item No. 2869728) can be used to bridge the supply voltage. It can be snapped onto a 35 mm DIN rail according to EN 60715))
Max. current consumption < 30 mA (at 24 V DC incl. load)
Power consumption < 600 mW

Number of inputs 1
Configurable/programmable Yes, preconfigured
Voltage input signal 0 V ... 10 V
1 V ... 5 V
Max. voltage input signal 30 V
Current input signal 0 mA ... 20 mA
4 mA ... 20 mA
Max. current input signal 50 mA
Input resistance of voltage input approx. 100 kΩ
Input resistance current input approx. 50 Ω

Number of outputs 2
Configurable/programmable Yes, preconfigured
Non-load voltage 9 V
Current output signal 2x 0 mA ... 20 mA
2x 4 mA ... 20 mA
Max. current output signal approx. 22 mA
Load/output load current output ≤ 250 Ω (at 20 mA)
Ripple < 20 mVPP (at 250 Ω)

Connection method Screw connection
Stripping length 12 mm
Screw thread M3
Conductor cross section solid 0.2 mm² ... 2.5 mm²
Conductor cross section flexible 0.2 mm² ... 2.5 mm²
Conductor cross section AWG 26 ... 12

Dimensional drawing
Width 6.2 mm
Height 93.1 mm
Depth 102.5 mm

Fire protection for rail vehicles (DIN EN 45545-2) R22 HL 1 - HL 2
Fire protection for rail vehicles (DIN EN 45545-2) R23 HL 1 - HL 2
Fire protection for rail vehicles (DIN EN 45545-2) R24 HL 1 - HL 2
Housing material PBT

Ambient conditions
Degree of protection IP20
Ambient temperature (operation) -20 °C ... 60 °C
Ambient temperature (storage/transport) -40 °C ... 85 °C
Permissible humidity (operation) 10 % ... 95 % (non-condensing)

Designation CE
Certificate CE-compliant
Designation ATEX
Identification  II 3 G Ex nA IIC T4 Gc X
Designation UL, USA / Canada
Identification UL 508 Recognized
Class I, Div. 2, Groups A, B, C, D T5
Designation GL
Identification GL EMC 2 D

Electromagnetic compatibility Conformance with EMC directive
Noise emission EN 61000-6-4
Noise immunity EN 61000-6-2
Note When being exposed to interference, there may be minimal deviations.
Electrostatic discharge
Standards/regulations EN 61000-4-2
Electrostatic discharge
Comments Safety measures must be taken to prevent electrostatic discharge.
Electromagnetic HF field
Designation Electromagnetic RF field
Standards/regulations EN 61000-4-3
Typical deviation from the measuring range final value 5 %
Fast transients (burst)
Designation Fast transients (burst)
Standards/regulations EN 61000-4-4
Typical deviation from the measuring range final value 5 %
Surge current load (surge)
Standards/regulations EN 61000-4-5
Surge current load (surge)
Comments Criterion B
Conducted interference
Designation Conducted interferences
Standards/regulations EN 61000-4-6
Typical deviation from the measuring range final value 5 %

Electrical isolation Basic insulation according to EN 61010

Mounting type DIN rail mounting
Assembly instructions The DIN rail connector can be used for bridging the supply voltage. It can be snapped onto a 35 mm EN 60715 DIN rail.
Mounting position any

Item number 2864794
Packing unit 1 pc
Minimum order quantity 1 pc
Sales Key C01
Product Key CK1211
Catalog Page Page 98 (C-7-2015)
GTIN 4017918974978
Weight per Piece (including packing) 89.7 g
Weight per Piece (excluding packing) 73.3 g
Customs tariff number 85437090
Country of origin DE


ECLASS-9.0 27210120
ECLASS-10.0.1 27210120


ETIM 7.0 EC002653

China RoHS Environmentally Friendly Use Period = 50 years
For information on hazardous substances, refer to the manufacturer’s declaration available under “Downloads”

Your advantages

Power supply possible via the foot element (TBUS)
Highly-compact isolating amplifier for electrical isolation, conversion, amplification, filtering, and duplication of standard analog signals
Duplication of a standard analog signal on two current outputs
4-way isolation
Up to 8 signal combinations can be configured using DIP switches