PTTBV 2,5 BU - Double-level terminal block

Double-level terminal block, nom. voltage: 800 V, nominal current: 22 A, connection method: Push-in connection, 1st and 2nd level, Rated cross section: 2.5 mm2, cross section: 0.14 mm2 - 4 mm2, mounting type: NS 35/7,5, NS 35/15, color: blue

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The Push-in connection terminal blocks are characterized by the system features of the CLIPLINE complete system and by easy and tool-free wiring of conductors with ferrules or solid conductors
Clear wiring, thanks to lateral conductor entry
In addition to the testing option in the double function shaft, all terminal blocks provide an additional test pick-off
The offset levels of the double-level terminal blocks allow unhindered access to the lower connection level and its actuating push buttons, even when fully wired.
Tested for railway applications