ZB 5,LGS:FORTL.ZAHLEN - Zack marker strip

Zack marker strip, Strip, white, labeled, printed horizontally: consecutive numbers 1 ... 10, 11 ... 20, etc. up to 491 ... 500, mounting type: snapped, for terminal block width: 5.2 mm, lettering field size: 5.15 x 10.5 mm, Number of individual labels: 10

Product details

Your advantages

Other pitches available on request
The multi-section marking strips are easy to fit and can be easily separated if required
Labeling service: Phoenix Contact can custom-label all zack marker strip markers according to your requirements
The ZB zack marker strip system is a marking solution for modular terminal blocks and electronics modules with tall marker grooves
Unlabeled marking strips can be custom-labeled with a plotter or by hand