Machine lights

Machine lights

The robust machine lights set the benchmark in the efficient illumination of industrial systems, using LED technology, glare-free light, diverse control options, series connection, and M12 cabling. Find the right LED machine light with various degrees of protection in the extensive Phoenix Contact product range.

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Your advantages

  • The 24 V supply makes servicing easier and increases safety
  • Flexible mounting due to various designs and accessories
  • Install quickly and save components due to M12 cabling
  • Can also be used in machine tools due to resistance against coolants and lubricants
Class 100 machine lights in operation

Little space, a lot of light Class 100 machine lights

Many machines are becoming increasingly compact and have little space for the necessary lighting. The class 100 PLD machine lights, with IP54 degree of protection, stand out due to the very narrow design. They can be optimally integrated into the machine, even when there is little space.
In the light holder supplied, the light can swivel and the lighting can be optimally aligned. The lights provide extremely good illumination of surfaces at short to medium distances. Lengths from 195 to 895 mm are available. The diameter varies from 25 to 35 mm.

  • Can be mounted in confined spaces due to the narrow design
  • Focused illumination due to swivel action
  • ETL approval for use on the North American market
  • Plug-in supply lines allow free choice of cable length as well as quick and easy installation
Class 200 machine lights in operation

Excellent illumination for every application Class 200 machine lights

Class 200 LED machine lights are impressive due to their bright illumination. In comparison to the class 100 LED machine lights, they are suitable for medium to large distances from the target area.
Do you need lighting in a harsh environment? These lights are also the perfect answer because of their high vibration and shock resistance and their resistance to cooling agents and lubricants.
You can ideally integrate the 40 mm diameter versions into new machines. This allows you to illuminate your machine’s interior extremely efficiently and without taking up too much space.

  • 4 mm safety glass enables use even in environments with potential mechanical strain
  • Resistant to many cooling agents and lubricants due to Viton® seal
  • Can be used at high temperatures and can be subjected to strong vibrations and shocks
  • Flexible mounting options because both mounting versions (bracket or holder) can be swiveled
  • ETL approval for use on the North American market
3D product view
Experience all details in 3D
View a class 100 machine light in detail. To view it from any perspective, you can rotate and swivel the light in 3D view as you wish.
3D view
Machine lights in 3D