Signal marshalling for universal I/O systems

Signal marshalling for universal I/O systems

Design your universal marshalling with our flexible I/O marshalling system: VIP I/O marshalling. The system combines signal marshalling and processing in a controller-independent solution for your universal I/O system. Pluggable input/output accessories with various interface functions enable universal configuration of individual channels. How universal marshalling should be: consistent from the field to the control level.

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Your advantages

  • Shorter project duration with a consistent Universal I/O approach
  • Changes to the I/O assignment are possible in every project phase with plug-in IOAs
  • Lower number of control cabinets, because additional marshalling cabinets are not necessary
  • Reduced wiring effort with various system cabling solutions for connection to distributed control systems (DCS)
  • Easy migration into existing systems by reducing downtimes during retrofit work

The flexible I/O marshalling system for your universal marshalling

Interactive image map: VIP I/O marshalling
Base element
The robust base element has 8 or 16 freely assignable slots for the function modules (Input-Output Accessories, IOA). The base element (board) is connected to the field wiring. It transfers the field signals to the IOAs and from there to the system cable.
Controller connection
Connection to the I/O system is quick and easy via standard or system-specific cables. Depending on the base element, system cables for the Universal I/O cards of different manufacturers are available.
Power supply
The nominal voltage of the system is 24 V DC. Depending on the base element, the connections for supplying the IOA function modules are either suitable for redundant supply or for various supply potentials. Choose between screw connection or Push-in connection technology, depending on the base element.
Input-output accessories, IOAs
IOAs are blocks with various interface functions for signal processing. Any combination of these IOAs can be plugged into the board. This flexible channel configuration consistently follows the Universal I/O concept from the controller through to the field level.
Connectors for input-output accessories
The connection between the IOA function module and the base element is established using a 22-pos. connector. This is used to exchange the signals on the field side and on the control side, as well as the supply voltage between the IOA and the base element. Coding prevents unintentional mismatching.
Field connection
Depending on the base element, four or six connection terminal blocks per channel are available on the field side in screw connection or Push-in connection technology. Due to the Universal I/O approach, the channels can be assigned in any order.
Topology comparison of classic and Universal I/O wiring

Topology comparison of classic and Universal I/O wiring

Universal marshalling from the field to the controller

The flexible I/O marshalling system VIP I/O marshalling is the compact combination of system cabling, interface, and marshalling in a single module.

  • System cabling: Cabling to Universal I/O platforms
  • Interfaces: flexible assembly with analog and digital input-output accessories (IOAs), such as signal conditioners, measuring transducers, and relays
  • Marshalling: connection with field devices and signal marshalling
VIP I/O marshalling plug-in IOAs

The interface functions for your universal marshalling

The flexible pluggable input-output accessories (IOAs) are devices with various electrical functions for signal processing: Universal marshalling from the field to the controller.

The following IOAs are available:

  • Passive modules
  • Relays
  • Safety relays
  • Signal conditioners
  • Measuring transducers
  • Fuse modules
  • Special functions
Signal conditioning and explosion protection
Interference-free and safe signal conditioning, transmission, and visualization through 3-way electrical isolation. Our product portfolio for signal conditioning and explosion protection covers all tasks involving interference-free and safe signal transmission, such as NAMUR signal conditioners, bipolar signal conditioners, temperature transducers, supply isolators, etc.
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