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Flexible signal marshalling for Universal I/O

Depending on the size of the plant, several thousand signals must be marshalled between the field and control levels to control a continuous process in process engineering plants.

With the Universal I/O approach on the control level, you already achieve improvements here compared to the classic signal marshalling. Instead of the 8/16/32/64-channel blocks for each signal type, with Universal I/O cards you use software to adapt the individual channels to the necessary function.

Flexible signal marshalling from the field to the controller

The design with Universal I/O systems in intelligent decentralized control boxes results in decisive advantages:
A standard product adaptable to all applications

  • Pre-tested control boxes with global approval package
  • Savings in signal and marshalling cabinets
  • Elimination of master cables and cable routes
  • Significant reduction in the number of clamping points

Interface and marshalling level must be equally flexible

Conventional solutions, such as interface blocks mounted on the DIN rail, however, require the exact signal type to be known at an early stage. Moreover, signals need to be marshalled again in the process in order to wire the field signals to the individual function blocks, such as to relays for digital output signals.

Flexible VIP I/O marshalling system held in the hands

The flexible I/O marshalling system VIP I/O marshalling

Full flexibility on the interface and marshalling level

The flexible I/O marshalling system VIP I/O-Marshalling has been specially designed for use on Universal I/O systems. The solution offers the same flexibility at the interface and marshalling level as the Universal I/O systems at the I/O level.

The system is mainly comprised of three blocks:

  1. The base element is attached to the standard DIN rail, accommodates the field wiring, and provides the connection to the I/O system via connectors.
  2. The second block is the Input-Output Accessory (IOA) that performs the actual interface function.
  3. A system cable connects the base element to the Universal I/O system.

The decentralized control box solution

The Universal I/O approach breaks the mold of the rigid configuration of the marshalling, interface, and I/O level in the central control room. The intelligence is being relocated so it is closer to the process in the field. Universal Remote Cabinets provide a compact and standardized solution for this. The flexible I/O marshalling system handles signal marshalling and processing here.

Diagram: Decentralized control box solution

Decentralized control box solution

Everything for your Universal I/O control box Universal Remote Cabinet

In addition to marshalling and interface solutions, Phoenix Contact, as the long-serving partner to the process industry, provides further components and services for your control box solutions.

Interactive image map: Components for your remote control box
Universal I/O modules
Easy connection to standard Universal I/O modules that are available on the market.
Power supplies with maximum functionality
QUINT POWER for maximum system availability.
Flexible I/O marshalling system
Make Universal I/O truly universal with the flexible I/O marshalling system.
Surge protection for MCR technology
Powerful protective devices with low voltage protection levels provide optimum protection for your MCR applications.