Screwdrivers and cordless screwdrivers

Screwdrivers and cordless screwdrivers

The screwdrivers from the SCREWFOX product range are tailored to a variety of different screws. This is particularly true of the products in our terminal block range. The ergonomically designed screwdriver handles ensure that the required torque is transferred with a reasonable amount of force. Adjustable torque and cordless screwdrivers complete the product range.

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Your advantages

  • Durable: specially hardened and tempered drives
  • High torque transmission with special two-component handle geometry
  • Solid due to high-quality components and raw materials
  • Everything from a single source with the comprehensive product range

Whether bits, screwdrivers with a wide range of drives and sizes, cordless screwdrivers, or manual torque screwdrivers – Phoenix Contact has the right screwdriver tool for you. Benefit from the clever features our screwdrivers offer:

The SCREWFOX screwdriver being used in the control cabinet

The SCREWFOX screwdriver in use on the control cabinet

SCREWFOX screwdriver tools

The screwdrivers are optimally tailored to screw shafts and terminal shafts.

The two-component and ergonomically designed handles ensure an optimum grip and support effortless working.

VDE screwdrivers for maximum access to screw and terminal shafts

VDE screwdriver

VDE screwdriver

How do you achieve maximum access to screw and terminal shafts? Very easily with the new narrow VDE screwdrivers.

The insulation does not project because it is incorporated in the blade shaft itself. This means that you can mount and connect terminal blocks safely in accordance with VDE standards.

Finely adjustable torque

Precise torque

Precise torque

The finely adjustable torque provides optimum adaptation to various screw sizes and ensures a consistent torque at all times. The soft material of the handle is non-slip and allows the transfer of higher torques.

The SF-ASD 16 cordless screwdriver in use

SF-ASD 16 cordless screwdriver

High-precision cordless screwdrivers

The SF-ASD 16 cordless screwdriver is a handy tool for connecting conductors to screw connections. You can use the cordless screwdriver in a straight or angled position, even in confined spaces. The 16-step torque setting with a switch for clockwise/counter-clockwise operation integrated into the handle makes the tool not just comfortable, but also versatile and suitable for a wide variety of screwing applications.