Cable routing and cable protection provide safety and order

Cable routing and cable protection

Various cable ducts, cable guiding systems, and cable ties are available for clear and structured cable routing. To additionally protect your cables from external influences, such as weather conditions, use the various protective hoses as cable protection. This also provides greater clarity and safety for your cable routing.

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Cable guiding system in a control cabinet

CGS cable guiding system being used in practice

Cable guiding systems for structured cable routing

The swivel arm of the cable guiding system makes it particularly easy and safe for you to optimize the cable routing for your individual cables or cable harnesses for the control cabinet door or swivel mounting frame. The cable guiding system is particularly time-saving. The patented swivel joint can be opened quickly and easily, which allows pre-assembled cables to be fed through or pulled through without using any tools. Up to 100 x 1.5 mm² conductors are routed to the control cabinet door using a single CGS cable guiding system. The defined installation space and swivel range means that the cable routing for the control cabinet door can be planned in a CAD system. This allows you to plan your cable harnesses thanks to the pre-defined cable length. Quick and easy mounting is ensured by integrated flanges with strain relief. Mechanical cable protection and bundling is realized thanks to protective hoods that can be attached without tools. The cable guiding system consists of high-quality elastic and mechanically resilient plastic, certified in accordance with UL 94 for flammability rating V0.

Easy cable routing of pre-assembled data cables to the built-in devices in the control cabinet door

Easy cable routing of pre-assembled data cables to the built-in devices in the control cabinet door

Easy cable routing of pre-assembled data cables

Energy chains and drag chains usually require compatible cables and lines. Standard cables are not designed to withstand the high load caused by movement and bending radii.
The cable guiding system was designed for routing standard cables. This is made possible by using large bending radii and defined movements. The CGS was assembled with 100 x 1.5 mm² cables (H05Z-K) and data cables (Cat. 5 Ethernet cables) and was opened and closed 2,000 times. There was no damage found on the wires.

Cable ducts for clear cable routing

Create order with cable routing

Cable ducts for clear cable routing

Use cable ducts to bring order to your control cabinet.
Cable clamps are used to fix the cables running from the field. Use plastic cable markers from Phoenix Contact to bundle cables and conductors quickly and easily and route them in cable ducts.

Cable protection systems

Cable protection systems

Protective hoses for cable protection

The comprehensive range of plastic and metal protective hoses offers reliable solutions for a wide range of applications – up to IP69K degree of protection.
The protective hoses are used for cable protection and allow simple cable bundling. Furthermore, the cable protection has suitable screw connections for heavy-duty connectors and housing bore holes. The hoses can be used in all sectors and industries thanks to their comprehensive approvals.

Protective hoses for cables – in the control cabinet and in the field

Protective hoses for cables – in the control cabinet and in the field

Spiral tubes for easy cable routing

Spiral tubes for the easy bundling and routing of cables and conductors offer protection in the case of minimal mechanical strain.
They can be easily retrofitted; the individual cables and conductors can be brought out of the structure at any point.

Plastic hoses for cable protection

Plastic protective hose

Plastic hoses for high resistance

Plastic hoses provide optimal cable protection against oils, acids, and solvents. The materials used are free from silicone, halogen, and cadmium, and feature up to IP69K degree of protection and flammability rating V0.

Weather-resistant metal hoses for cable protection

Metal hose

Highly flexible and weather-resistant metal hoses

Highly flexible metal hoses can be used to protect cables and lines against mechanical influences. Furthermore, the metallic cable protection with plastic shielding is waterproof and weathertight.