Crimping device – The compact all-rounder for a wide range of contact types

Crimping device

The CF 500 crimping device is characterized by its high press capacity in a compact design. The dies can be replaced quickly and easily, which makes it ideal for processing a variety of contact types up to 50 mm2. The CF 500 crimping device allows you to be flexible: crimp cable lugs, slip-on sleeves or ferrules quickly.

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Your advantages

  • Intuitive operation via the display and numerical keys
  • Easy startup with Plug and Play
  • Maximum flexibility with interchangeable dies
  • Crimping easily triggered by means of foot-actuated switch
CF 500 universal crimping device

CF 500 universal crimping device

Universal crimping device for the widest range of contact types

Reduce your costs through automation. Work quickly and flexibly with the compact, portable CF 500 crimping device. With its various interchangeable die inserts, this automatic device provides a universal solution.
The crimping process is triggered by a foot pedal. As such, both hands are free to assemble the conductor using the corresponding contacts.

  • Change crimp inserts quickly
  • Portable, thanks to the carrying handle
  • Additional two-stage operating mode for easy and reliable processing of crimp contacts