Machine availability: Avoid costly downtime

  • There is nothing costlier for you or your customers than a machine that is down
  • Machine availability has top priority, as downtimes cause production losses and enormously high costs
  • Reliable components and the high availability of machines are essential

Machine with signal light in the foreground
Graphic for machine availability
CONTACTRON hybrid motor starters being wired in the control cabinet in machine building

Switching loads in the control cabinet

Electric motors are used in a variety of industrial applications for controlling movements. COMPLETE line provides innovative and intelligent products for your application.

Service technician checking machine status at the control cabinet

Supply and protection in the control cabinet

A reliable, stable power supply prevents damage to machinery and systems. COMPLETE line offers a wide range of products to cover all the functions of a safe and consistent energy infrastructure.

Decentral power supply in machine building

Reliable supply and protection in the field

A frequent challenge in machine building is the reliable supply of decentral loads installed in the field. These can include, for example, control elements, valve terminals, sensors, or decentral control cabinets. COMPLETE line provides universal solutions with IP67 protection for this task.