Mechanical processing Just like always, the mechanical processing steps of control cabinet building are hands on. But if these manual work steps are designed to be efficient, you can reduce production times and costs even here.

A worker cutting a DIN rail at a workstation using a DIN rail cutter

Designing manual processes for efficiency

Efficiently designed workstations and workflows provide significant time and cost savings for manual tasks such as the mechanical processing of DIN rails and cable ducts. At the same time, digitally created manufacturing documents from the engineering software minimize errors and guarantee clarity over the progress of every order. Our coordinated, scalable tool portfolio also ensures optimal ergonomics.

Your advantages for efficient mechanical processing in control cabinet building

  • Reduction of production time and costs through efficiently designed and digitally supported workflow
  • All manufacturing documents available at any time with digital data provision directly from the engineering software
  • Fast, clean, and safe work processes with splinter-free and burr-free work with cutting tools for DIN rails and cable ducts
Man cutting a DIN rail with the PPS COMPACT

Profile and DIN rail cutters

With our profile and DIN rail cutters, you can cut a wide variety of standard DIN rails and cable ducts quickly, without effort, and with precision.

Ensure a clean and safe work environment: cut plastic or metal profiles burr free. Follow-up work, such as deburring when sawing, is therefore not necessary.

DIN rail cutter and monitor with the worker assistance software on a worktop

Efficient manufacturing with worker assistance software

Automatically source your digital manufacturing documents from the data created in engineering. Our worker assistance software helps you significantly boost efficiency: the program selects the necessary data from your ECAD planning and displays it clearly. In addition, the software guides you step-by-step through the processing process, thus reducing sources of error and search times compared to when using usual paper documents.

Our ergonomic hand tools and efficient automatic tools ensure process reliability in your production and reduce your employees’ workload.

Jens Frischemeier - Phoenix Contact GmbH & Co. KG, Product Management, Tools
Expert in tools and automatic devices: Jens Frischemeier
Solutions for greater efficiency
Find out how to efficiently assemble DIN rails in your control cabinet building despite a very wide range of components and project variances. This significantly reduces the production time and the error rate.
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Terminal block being snapped onto a DIN rail at a placement workstation