Assembly The use of digital manufacturing documents and assistance systems not only enables efficient assembly of DIN rails, but also more flexible personnel deployment. With the software-supported guidance, training can be completed in a very short time.

Workstation for assembling terminal strips

Efficient assembly with a system

The assembly of DIN rails in control cabinet building requires a very wide range of components and often involves project variances. To optimize the process, the digital manufacturing documents are sourced directly from engineering, so that sources of error due to system incompatibilities are reduced. In addition, intuitive workstation systems guide individual production steps with software support, enabling even semiskilled workers to assemble complex terminal strips.

Your advantages for efficient assembly

  • Error-free terminal strip design with complete manufacturing documents from the engineering software
  • Software-supported manufacturing for the flexible use of available personnel
  • Time savings with the constant availability of manufacturing documents
A person holding an assembled DIN rail in their hands

The complete control cabinet from a single source

COMPLETE line provides you with an integrated product portfolio that helps you completely plan and set up all the functions of your control cabinet and field installation. The various components are optimally coordinated. The use of uniform components also reduces the work required for procurement and assembly. The standardized accessories for bridging, marking, and testing COMPLETE line products also provide a further increase in productivity.

Worker assistance system for assembling DIN rails with monitor and software display

Efficient manufacturing with worker assistance software

The digital provision of all manufacturing documents created in engineering offers great potential for increasing efficiency, especially when assembling DIN rails. Our worker assistance software selects all necessary data from your ECAD planning and displays it clearly. In addition, it enables intuitive assembly of your project through step-by-step instructions. This software-supported processing reduces sources of error and search times compared to implementation with usual paper documents.

A worker assistance system noticeably speeds up production processes, as the terminal strips can now be produced decoupled from the rest of the control cabinet. Reduced search times and improved ergonomics significantly increase productivity.

Dr. Fabian Bertelsmeier - Phoenix Contact GmbH & Co. KG, Product Management, Systems
Solutions for greater efficiency
Learn how to produce an efficient, intuitive design for the identification of all components in control cabinet building. The holistic MARKING system range provides you with user-friendly solutions for all requirements and applications.
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