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Would you like to optimize processes for sewage sludge treatment economically and have transparency in the sewage sludge drying process? Do you want to integrate safety-related systems to minimize malfunctions and downtimes?

Discover control solutions for central process steps in sludge treatment to make processes more efficient. Support specific safety concepts for wastewater applications provide with integrated technologies.

Optimum processes for sludge treatment and disposal

The demands on the wide variety of processes in sludge treatment, such as sludge digestion, thickening, stabilization, and drying, are increasing. Efficiency, transparency, and process reliability have the highest priority in the sewage sludge drying process. Optimum sludge management requires systems for more efficient process design as well as safe digestion and sludge pump control. Savings potentials of the sewage sludge plant can be easily identified by collecting and storing the energy data as well as by analyzing the energy situation.

Our solutions for your processes

Control cabinet for controlling an agitator
Digestion tower
Visualization of the processes in a return sludge pumping station
Control cabinet for controlling an agitator

Phoenix Contact current measuring devices are used to make sewage sludge applications cost-effective. In addition, other relevant measured values are recorded, transmitted, and evaluated in the control room. Information on the efficiency of the process is transmitted through common interfaces such as Modbus, PROFIBUS, and PROFINET.

Digestion tower

Reliable temperature and pressure monitoring is required for the optimum aerobic degradation of sewage sludge in the digestion tower. With measuring transducers with ATEX approval, measured values are transmitted directly to the programmable logic controller. Intrinsically safe I/O modules facilitate the efficient control of actuators. Sensors are easily integrated through protocol converters and the HART protocol.

Visualization of the processes in a return sludge pumping station

With ready-to-use software function blocks, the time and effort for controlling the frequency converters in screw conveyors and pumps in a return sludge pumping station is reduced. The plant can be visualized easily with the free-of-charge PLCnext Engineer software tool. It includes ready-made visualization symbols for actuators such as motors, pumps, and ventilators.

To the Water Functions software solutions

Safety concept for centrifuges PROFIsafe devices are managed centrally by a higher-level safe controller. It is therefore possible to implement safe groups or safe individual shutdowns.

Safety concept for centrifuges

In the event of an overspeed or the actuation of an emergency stop control device, the PROFIsafe controller triggers disconnection via the PROFIsafe devices. Drives of the centrifuge and linked equipment such as sludge pumps are stopped.

Purification tank and digestion tower

Your advantages

  • Reduced time and effort for the visualization of actuators by using PLCnext Engineer

  • Tailored reporting with flexible data acquisition and evaluation

  • Safety concepts for wastewater applications with integrated technology such as PROFIsafe

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