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All Electric Society

Technical solutions for a livable future

What is the All Electric Society?
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The greatest challenges facing humanity – the fight against climate change and safeguarding sustainable development – can be met from a technical perspective by
the All Electric Society.

It is a world in which affordable electrical energy generated from renewable sources is available on a virtually unlimited basis as the main form of energy. The key to realizing this world is the comprehensive electrification, networking, and automation of all sectors of the economy and infrastructure. Phoenix Contact is empowering industry and society to forge ahead with this transformation as we move toward a sustainable world.

This is the vision of the All Electric Society – a vision in which all of the major issues of our time are addressed. After all, carbon-neutral energy will be a key factor in allowing us to fight climate change while allowing for global prosperity. Phoenix Contact is on the front lines of this trend, empowering its partners and customers.

Frank Stührenberg, CEO Phoenix Contact
Frank Stührenberg
Climate change and the industrial challenges
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Climate change affects us all

At first glance, the two major issues that our society currently faces – the fight against climate change and the billions of people striving for prosperity and development – seem to be contradictory and irreconcilable. However, they can only be addressed simultaneously. The challenge is to permit consumption but protect the climate at the same time. Technical innovations will play a crucial role in tackling these issues. The goal: The world’s entire energy needs will be met through renewable sources.

For a livable future
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Sustainable energy for sustainable growth

A report by the World Economic Forum Davos published in 2020 found that technology will play a critical role in achieving of 10 of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). (Source: Unlocking Technology for the Global Goals). Around 70% of the sub-goals are directly supported by technical innovations. Goal number 7 – clean, affordable energy – is the key to realizing the All Electric Society. Today, many products and solutions from Phoenix Contact already offer initial answers to these future questions.

Using Power-to-X to transform primary energy into other energy sources
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Power-to-X – Elasticity through energy storage

In the All Electric Society, electricity from renewable sources is the primary energy source. However, the final energy does not necessarily have to be electricity. Supply stability and comprehensive coupling of the sectors can only be achieved when the excess capacity of electrical primary energy is transformed to other energy sources using a method called “Power-to-X.” In this case, “X” refers to energy-rich gases, liquids, or chemicals such as hydrogen or methanol, which are known as e-fuels. They have the potential to gradually replace fossil fuels completely in the future. The major advantage is that we can continue to use the existing infrastructure for storage and transport (gas pipelines, gas storage, gas stations, LNG tankers). And, should demand increase, e-fuels can also be transformed back to electricity, for example through combined heat and power plants.

Sector coupling – The holistic approach
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Sector coupling – Energy efficiency and balancing

To generate sufficient momentum for the energy revolution, solutions for the All Electric Society must be as economical and cost-efficient as possible. The path to achieving this goal requires the smartification and comprehensive networking of all sectors that generate and consume energy. By increasing efficiency through coupling and balancing all energy consumers, generators, and possible storage capacity in the most optimal way possible, we will be able to make the energy revolution a reality. Phoenix Contact is empowering this development.

Technical example
The solar park management system enables sector coupling
The combination of intelligent automation and comprehensive visualization tools allows you to continuously acquire and evaluate data from your solar park. From data acquisition at the field level to feed-in control and visualization, we provide complete, seamless solutions for solar park management. They enable the intelligent networking of power-generating and power-consuming sectors. The basis for an efficient, balanced energy system for realizing the All Electric Society.
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Solar power – integrated PV park management