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All electric society

Technical solutions for a livable future

The technical dimensions of the critical issues we will face in the future allow us to turn major challenges into major opportunities. As a technology leader, we are empowering a vision of the future that guarantees economic success for us and our partners and, at the same time, a sustainable world. Let’s tap into this potential together!

This is the vision of the All Electric Society – a vision in which all of the major issues of our time are addressed. After all, carbon-neutral energy will be a key factor in allowing us to fight climate change while allowing for global prosperity. Phoenix Contact is on the front lines of this trend, empowering its partners and customers.

Frank Stührenberg, CEO Phoenix Contact
Frank Stührenberg
Global warming

Climate change affects us all

At first glance, the two major issues that our society currently faces – the fight against climate change and the billions of people striving for prosperity and development – seem to be contradictory and irreconcilable. However, they can only be addressed simultaneously.
Technical innovations will play a decisive role in tackling these issues.

AES SDGs Goal Number 7

The solutions will be technical

A report by the Davis World Economic Forum published in 2020 found that technology will play a critical role in achieving of 10 of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). (Source: Unlocking Technology for the Global Goals)
Around 70% of the sub-goals are directly supported by technical innovations.
The most important for us is number 7: affordable and clean energy. Today, many products and solutions from Phoenix Contact already offer initial answers to these future questions.

All Electric Society – a vision of a livable world

The solution is a sustainable energy revolution made possible through the comprehensive conversion of our energy systems to electrical energy from renewable sources. We see the All Electric Society as the basis for a carbon-neutral future. The environment and resources are conserved. The All Electric Society vision for the future is based on the intelligent coupling of the energy, industrial, building, infrastructure, and mobility sectors. Electrification, networking, and automation are the keys to this coupling.

Video with Frank Stührenberg and Roland Bent on All Electric Society

Experience in the opening keynote of the Phoenix Contact Dialog Days how the CEO and the CTO of Phoenix Contact explain the All Electric Society.

All Electric Society
All Electric Society YouTube
AES Sector coupling

Sustainability and economy

The All Electric Society requires electricity that is generated from a renewable source and is available economically, cost-effectively, and in abundance. The path to achieving this goal involves increasing efficiency through coupling and balancing all energy consumers, generators, and possible storage capacity in the most optimal way possible.
Taking a holistic view of all sectors will establish the basis for realizing an All Electric Society. This in turn describes an area of application in which Phoenix Contact has been involved for decades with its products and solutions.
The realization of this vision will result in major investments and opportunities for growth for all market players in the coming years.


Renewable fuels for climate protection

Power-to-X – energy as needed

In the All Electric Society, electricity from renewable sources is the primary energy source. However, the final energy does not necessarily have to be electricity. Supply stability and comprehensive coupling of the sectors can only be achieved when the excess capacity of the electrical primary energy is transformed to other energy sources using a method called “Power-to-X”. In this case, “X” refers to energy-rich gases, liquids, or chemicals such as hydrogen or methanol, which are known as e-fuels. They have the potential to gradually replace fossil fuels completely in the future.
The major advantage: We can continue to use the existing infrastructures for storage and transport (gas pipelines, gas storage, gas stations, LNG tankers). And, should demand increase, e-fuels can also be transformed back to electricity, for example through cogeneration plants.

Sector coupling – the holistic approach

In order to generate sufficient momentum for the energy revolution, solutions for the All Electric Society must be as economical and cost-efficient as possible. The path to achieving this goal requires the smartification and comprehensive networking of all sectors that generate and consume energy. By increasing efficiency through coupling and balancing all energy consumers, generators, and possible storage capacity in the most optimal way possible, we will be able to make the energy revolution a reality. Phoenix Contact is empowering this development.

Sector coupling

The energy revolution is a global reality and a major opportunity for us. The ability to design the energy of the future in the interest of all parties greatly depends on the industry in question. Phoenix Contact’s products, solutions, and expertise empower our customers and partners to make the All Electric Society of the future a reality as active and successful players.

Roland Bent, CTO Phoenix Contact
Roland Bent

Empowering the All Electric Society

If technology is the key to the solution, then industry holds this key in its hands. That is why we at Phoenix Contact, together with our customers and partners, want to blaze new trails in order to put this enormous opportunity for a sustainable, resource-friendly development of the industry, energy, building, infrastructure, and mobility sectors to good use. For sustainable, cost-effective development. For a livable future. Three important questions for the future.

The digital transformation is empowering sector coupling. As a key partner for smart solutions, all of our actions are aimed at developing Phoenix Contact further as a digital industrial company.

Dr. Frank Possel-Dölken, CDO Phoenix Contact
Dr. Frank Possel-Dölken
AES sector coupling collage

Smart solutions for all sectors

We see our role in supporting the intelligent networking of different industries – or making this networking possible in the first place. At the same time, we are inspired by our vision for the future of an All Electric Society: to develop countless innovative solutions for and with our partners from a variety of industries around the world.

Phoenix Contact is a key partner for the smartification of industries around the world.

Today, we already offer certified feed-in controllers to further promote the expansion of intelligent power grids and enable the coupling of different sectors. These controllers guarantee the correct feed-in of renewable energies, thus contributing to grid stability.

Stephan Volgmann, General Manager Phoenix Contact Germany
Stephan Volgmann
Virtual fair

New technologies for a sustainable future

Innovative communication technologies will be a critical factor for the smartification of different sectors. They allow for comprehensive networking across previous network boundaries and across industries.

Phoenix Contact has been the technology leader in this field for years.

New communication technologies such as 5G, SPE, and TSN form the basis for the intelligent networking of industries in the All Electric Society. This is the only way to ensure that data points in various sectors can be networked securely, simply, and quickly.

Martin Müller, Vice President of Automation Infrastructure Phoenix Contact
Martin Müller
3D data QUINT power supply

Smart products for smart solutions

We already offer a comprehensive range of innovative products and solutions for this purpose today. In the future, we primarily see Phoenix Contact continuing to play the role that we have played for decades: empowering our partners and customers.

Phoenix Contact is the key partner for creative solutions in the areas of electrification, networking and automation on the path to a smart world.

Mechanical products such as terminal blocks form the basis for the electrification of different industries. Thanks to their digital product descriptions, they can be efficiently integrated into planning and engineering tools, and therefore serve as a prerequisite for digitalization and automation of systems, making industries smart.

Dirk Görlitzer, COO Phoenix Contact
Dirk Görlitzer

The future is up to all of us

The goals for a livable future have been clearly outlined in many places and they cannot be achieved by individuals working on their own. To be able to tackle this enormous task, we all need to bundle our strengths. We therefore invite you to join in the conversation and the development of the many opportunities relating to our contribution to the All Electric Society. Let’s come together to brainstorm ways in which we can introduce a new dimension to our already successful business activities. We look forward to talking with you.