Sustainability project

France creates low-emission mobility solutions for the future

Employees use bicycles and an electric vehicle to reduce their carbon footprint.
Tesla at a rest area

Project goal

The French subsidiary has decided to promote low-emission mobility solutions. The company has therefore purchased bicycles and an electric vehicle. This actively motivates employees to rethink the way they get around and use alternative methods.


  • Use bicycles instead of cars for short journeys.
  • Encourage new ways of thinking and promote ecologically sustainable transport solutions.


bicycles for use by employees


electric vehicle

Two climate-neutral ideas

In order to reduce carbon emissions, the French subsidiary has created two offers: Employees can use bicycles for certain journeys and an electric car has been added to the vehicle fleet.

Employees with bicycles in front of the French subsidiary’s building

Bicycles for use during break times

Providing an ecologically sustainable option for break times, two bicycles are available, which can be booked by employees. Whether for a lunch break in the fresh air or a short shopping trip, the bikes can be used at any time, provided they are available.

Tesla for Phoenix Contact’s French subsidiary

Electric vehicle for the vehicle fleet

The French subsidiary is gradually phasing out its diesel and petrol vehicles in favor of hybrid and electric vehicles. This will result in 50% lower emissions and 50% lower energy costs. To demonstrate that the vehicle is efficient, professional, and suitable for everyday use, the subsidiary also took part in a rally with a Tesla. To raise awareness and promote low-emission driving, this vehicle will be used in particular for customer visits.

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Climate action

Two-in-one approach to climate neutrality

Our focus is on reducing our carbon emissions. And it is our job to support our employees in this process.

Rémi Roux - Phoenix Contact Frankreich, Communication Manager

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Rémi Roux
Rémi Roux
Communication Manager

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