Cloud computing

Cloud computing

Industrial cloud computing is the intelligent networking of business processes, things, systems, components, and people. Proficloud from Phoenix Contact offers you a consistently professional cloud solution for automation, tailored to your needs – from cloud devices, to the right platform, right through to cloud services.

Product Family

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System status at a glance at any time, and worldwide

Greater foresight thanks to transparency

To implement the guiding principles of the IoT, machines and systems around the world must be networked beyond company boundaries.
With cloud computing, the relevant data from the systems is available at any time in any location, creating transparency for optimizing maintenance and reducing unplanned system downtimes.

Make the right decisions now for your future - join us in the world of PROFICLOUD.

Digitalize, analyze, and optimize

As an open, scalable IoT platform, Proficloud provides you with intelligent communication, networked components, smart services, and comprehensive data analysis - all with the highest level of security. Take advantage of the unlimited possibilities of a cloud computing solution for the continuous transmission of process data. With Proficloud, you can network your devices in the field easily and securely over the Internet. This lets you benefit from global status monitoring and controlling of your data.

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Smart devices for smart services

Based on intelligent components

The digital transformation is changing the world. Everything is networked together. In this context, the digitalized Phoenix Contact product portfolio is paving the way for IoT-based cloud solutions and smart services.

Smart devices are the basis for all smart services. Smart devices are intelligent, networked components that are capable of sending data to the cloud.


ImpulseCheck is the world's first intelligent assistance system for surge protection in the field of mains protection. The module allows you to measure the state of health (SoH) of every single protective device using cloud connection, and provides you with new digital services.