Power reliability in power stations

Products for system protection and power supply in the conventional power generation segment

With the innovative products from Phoenix Contact, you can reliably protect the devices in your power station and safeguard the power supply. Download the “Power transmission and distribution – products for your success” brochure.

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Station control technology for substations

Ensure a consistently high level of availability for your power station and avoid unplanned failures. Redundant power supply solutions are required in applications that place high demands on operational safety. They ensure that the failure of one power supply unit does not result in plant downtime. Our complete portfolio of electronic circuit breakers provides intelligent protection for your power supply system. You can smooth and eliminate high-frequency, low-energy interference using interference suppression filters. Lightning protection and surge protective devices provide protection against transient and high-energy voltage peaks.

Redundancy module for increased operational safety

Redundant auxiliary power supply

Power supply units connected in parallel ensure a reliable power supply. This means that even if one power supply unit fails, the devices in the control cabinet will still be supplied. Increase the operational safety of your system using redundancy modules.

Electronic circuit breakers

Effective protection of equipment

Provide individual protection for your operating equipment. Protect your devices reliably and ensure a consistently high level of availability for your system using device circuit breakers.

Surge protection

Protection against overvoltages

Reliably protect the electronic devices in your power station’s controller against overvoltage and benefit from high system availability.