Monitoring the level of several tanks

Level monitoring Intelligent level control

  • Tested safety with SIL-certified technology for overflow protection
  • Standardized sensor communication with I/O technology in accordance with NAMUR
  • Tested components with international Ex approvals
Two workers at a tank in a processing plant.

Reliable monitoring of fill levels

Tank farms typically consist of different sized tanks, sometimes with a storage capacity of more than 30,000 m³. Continuous monitoring as tanks are being filled and emptied, including functionally safe overflow protection, helps ensure reliable environmental protection.

Several tanks in a processing plant.

Transmit measured values cost-effectively and safely over long distances

With our solution for fill level monitoring, you not only keep an eye on the fill levels at all times, but also on other measured values such as the temperature and pressure. A system of various sensors, some in the Ex area, records the corresponding measured values.

We create an appropriate solution concept for you that includes the control, communication, and connection technology (which is also SIL-compliant), so that you can transmit, process, and quickly respond to Ex and non-Ex signals.

Immediate detection of errors

Functional safety sensors measure the fill level and signal dangerous states.

Safe limit value relays are used to interrupt the inlet value control. The flow into the tank is stopped reliably with the spring-closing safety valves, preventing overflows.

Topological structure of the level monitoring system

Scalable automation modules for tank monitoring

You can create an efficient fill-level control system with the wide range of SIL-certified technology for functional safety, Ex i signal conditioners, and modular control systems. In addition to the fill-level control system, an overfill protection device is installed that controls the safety valve in the event of an emergency and stops the flow into the tank.

Interactive image map: Topological structure of a level monitoring system
PLC programmable logic controllers
For IEC 61131-3 and high-level languages
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I/O systems
For IP20 and IP65/IP67 degrees of protection
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Signal conditioners with functional safety and explosion protection
The Ex i signal conditioners in the MACX Analog Ex and MACX Safety Ex ranges have ATEX and IECEx approval respectively, and all devices are SIL-certified. MACX Analog Ex devices feature single- and two-channel Ex i signal isolators with an overall width of just 12.5 mm.
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Signal conditioners with functional safety and explosion protection
Safe coupling relays
For safe switch-on and switch-off, we offer certified coupling relays with force-guided contacts.
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