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Connecting distributed, decentralized process stations and substations in different locations to one central control room requires the use of modular telecontrol and control systems that support many communication protocols. However, to ensure that the connection, evaluation, and parameterization of data remains functional, we offer solutions that can be configured, operated, and maintained securely and economically – even without previous programming knowledge. Moreover, these solutions guarantee reliable monitoring and access via a wide range of standardized communication protocols.

Open and innovative – PLCnext Control

Open and innovative – PLCnext Control

PLCnext Control devices enable you to work flexibly with your preferred programming languages, whether IEC 61131-3 or high-level languages. It is easy to integrate and use certified libraries and function blocks, which makes PLCnext Control extremely adaptable. The use of current and future communication standards offers you complete flexibility in terms of remote control technology and controllers.

Telecontrol or automation system in power grids

Modular telecontrol and automation system

The smartRTU technology platform is a modular, easy-to-configure remote terminal solution for various fields of application. As a telecontrol or automation system in power grids, it is characterized by its predefined functions and easy configuration.

Power grid monitoring and control

Power grid monitoring and control

Monitoring parameters is a fundamental requirement for the efficient expansion and reliable operation of power grids. Easy parameterization, evaluation, logic operations, and communication of signals and values are absolutely essential for this. Our smartRTU allows you to easily configure and quickly start up telecontrol applications using a web browser – without any previous programming knowledge. Its modular structure means that additional devices such as short-circuit and ground fault indicators can be integrated flexibly, enabling a wide range of applications to be implemented. Messages concerning operating states and variables are transferred to higher-level remote control nodes or control systems in compliance with all current regulations governing information security. The signals are communicated in parallel using various standardized protocols such as IEC 60870-5-101/104 or IEC 61850.

Alongside monitoring solutions, smartRTU can also execute a wide range of (remote) control commands, from simple single-point information through to complex double commands with interlocks. For example, load switches and circuit breakers are controlled remotely through straightforward parameterization.