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Cloud computing

Cloud computing encompasses an Internet-based IT infrastructure that enables the global networking of systems, plants, products, machines, and companies. Phoenix Contact provides simple and standardized Software-as-a-Service solutions on the in the form of Smart Services that allow you to manage your devices intelligently, minimize downtimes, and increase availability thanks to cloud technology.

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The IoT platform is a Plug and Play IIoT platform that allows small and medium-sized companies without their own or with only limited IT resources to connect their cloud-enabled devices to a cloud infrastructure easily and smoothly.

Through intuitive web interfaces and dashboards, offers maximum simplicity when using the cloud platform. Registration takes only a few minutes and doesn’t require any previous (IT) knowledge to be able to use the platform.

And all this in a highly available cloud environment that meets the highest available security standards.

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Smart Services and IoT platform

Phoenix Contact offers simple and standardized Software-as-a-Service solutions in the form of Smart Services. These allow you to manage your devices intelligently with cloud technology, minimize downtimes, and increase availability:

  • Secure device management
  • Live data
  • Cloud-based analysis
  • State of health
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Energy management

With the IoT platform, Phoenix Contact provides a secure and scalable cloud environment on which to operate the Smart Services.

Benefit from the advantages of digitization, with simple and intuitive operation. Without needing your own IT resources or any IT knowledge.

You can test various Smart Services free of charge and then decide which package size you need, and therefore what costs you will incur.
No implementation costs, no long-term contracts.

Furthermore, the Service Store offers full transparency on functionality and pricing models when purchasing Smart Services, thanks to familiar web shop features.

Your advantages

  • With digital networking, you can predict failures and carry out targeted maintenance planning
  • Needs-based display and evaluation of energy data across locations to determine potential areas of savings
  • Enhanced human-machine interaction thanks to communication with smart devices
  • Scalable process monitoring to derive optimization measures by comparing results
  • Efficient, effective use of your data thanks to scalable databases with high availability
  • Global status monitoring and control thanks to direct access to device data from the field level

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