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Phoenix Contact offers innovative solutions for all your requirements in the field of power distribution and transmission.
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Station control technology for substations

Station control technology is essential in order to guarantee the safe and reliable operation of a substation. Providing a failsafe power supply for these devices while also protecting them at the same time is one of the most important tasks of power transmission and distribution. For this purpose, we offer special power supply units for 24 V DC that can be installed redundantly, and compact device circuit breakers that can be used to protect each function separately. With their comprehensive protection, control, and measurement functions, our compact protective devices and control devices are suitable for numerous applications.

Electronic circuit breakers

Effective protection of equipment

Provide individual protection for your equipment. Using device circuit breakers, protect your devices reliably and therefore ensure a consistently high level of availability for your system.

QUINT 4 power supply

Superior availability

Ensure the redundant supply of power to electronic devices in the substation using cutting-edge power supply technology.

Protective devices and control devices for customer and distribution grids

Complete protection for power grids

Thanks to their comprehensive protective functions, our innovative protective devices and control devices are ideal for customer and distribution grids. The devices are characterized by their low-maintenance operation and long-term stability. High-resolution displays and comprehensive function keys allow for easy operation.

Redundant auxiliary voltage supply in a substation

Redundant auxiliary voltage supply in a substation

When it comes to substations, 100% system availability is the top priority. Failure of system parts or individual components can result in significant costs. Redundant systems help to avoid these kinds of failures, guaranteeing superior availability in substations. With redundant auxiliary supply concepts, two power supplies are operated in parallel on the primary side so that the second power supply can completely take on the load if the first one fails. To supply multiple control cabinets with a stabilized 24 V DC voltage, they must first be connected with the help of a ring feeder (-X1, -X2). A ring feeder can be easily and safely installed on site using our plug-in terminal blocks with screw or Push-in connection. The power supplies are decoupled via two redundancy modules/diodes (-G10, -G11) to ensure that a short circuit in a defective power supply (-G1, -G2) or the cable routes does not cause the supply voltage to be interrupted at the load. Now, just one module can cover the full power requirements of the connected loads in all operating states. Our space-saving PTFIX terminal blocks (-X10, -X11) ensure simple voltage distribution in control cabinets. Integrated device circuit breakers protect your devices and ensure targeted shutdown in the event of an error (-F10, -F11, -F12). This guarantees superior system availability.