Insight into the PLC-INTERFACE relay with lead-frame technology

Inner workings with lead frame of a PLC-INTERFACE relay

Switch signals reliably – in tight spaces ​

Relay systems from Phoenix Contact form the powerful and reliable interface between the controller and system I/O devices. The lead-frame technology of the PLC-INTERFACE relay series provides the solid foundation for reliably switching, isolating, and amplifying signals. In addition, electromechanical and solid-state relays are used – this combination proves itself day after day in millions of switching operations in a multitude of applications and in relay switching.

Quality is a priority at Phoenix Contact, so even small details are of great importance to us. With our own plastic and metal parts manufacturing facilities, we produce the parts that form the basis of the high-quality components. 100% of the products are tested during the process. To ensure that innovative product ideas are continuously implemented in design and development departments, expertise and in-house skills are being further extended.

Passion, innovation, and pioneering spirit became a milestone in relay technology in 1997: Lead-frame technology was integrated for the first time into relay modules from Phoenix Contact with an overall width of 6.2 mm. Even today, this is unique on the market.

Carsten Thörner - Phoenix Contact, Vice President (Interface Components)
Carsten Thörner, Vice President Interface Components at Phoenix Contact

Switching devices for a sustainable future

PLC-INTERFACE relay modules
PLC-INTERFACE relay modules MovingImage
AES sectors of energy, industry, infrastructure, and mobility with PLC-INTERFACE

Empowering the All Electric Society Relay modules for a sustainable future

Take a look behind the scenes of fully automated production with us. Experience a pioneering and innovative spirit from a new perspective. Join us as we look at global applications and take a glimpse into the future. PLC-INTERFACE supports future technologies in all areas of the All Electric Society: power-to-X, sector coupling, renewable energies, industrial automation, infrastructure, and building automation. And, of course, the focus is always on sustainability.

In the All Electric Society vision of the future, a comprehensive infrastructure ensures the necessary transport and exchange of power, signals, and data in all areas of life and work. In this cross-sector overall system, reliable switching operations are essential for the safe and smooth operation of electrified machines and systems.

Infographic PLC-INTERFACE relays

All aspects of PLC-INTERFACE

Innovation driver and features
We are your reliable partner and innovation driver with engineering expertise: comprehensive accessories and sophisticated functions for all applications.

With our relay modules, you benefit from innovative technology for a wide range of standard and electronic versions featuring space-saving, easy handling and tool-free wiring.

With PLC-INTERFACE, you have the certainty of safely meeting legal and technical requirements through innovative technology.

Sustainability is an essential component throughout the entire lifecycle of the PLC-INTERFACE relays. Reduction of packaging, replaceable relays, carbon footprint transparency, and easily separable materials for optimal recycling.

Ready for the future
We are your empowering partner for important future topics such as digitalization, carbon-neutral energy, and power-to-X, with the help of electrification in all sectors and industries.