Products for power transmission and distribution

Phoenix Contact offers innovative solutions for all your requirements in the field of power transmission and distribution.
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In times of volatile power generation and new digital trends, providing a stable energy supply can be challenging. We are here to help you master this challenge. With intelligent technologies for the processing and transmission of all relevant data while ensuring compliance with IEC 61850.

PRP redundancy module

Superior availability due to network redundancy

Data communication without switch-over times ensures maximum network availability. PRP redundancy modules from Phoenix Contact enable PRP network redundancy, which is based on two independent, active paths between two devices.

3000/4000 series Managed Switches

Consistent communication in accordance with IEC 61850

The consistent communication of data must be ensured, even under extreme environmental conditions. Our Managed Switches are particularly suitable for use in power plants and satisfy the stringent requirements of standard IEC 61850.

Media converters for Ethernet

No danger from electromagnetic influences

Extreme electromagnetic influences no longer present a problem. Our media converters have maximum immunity to interference and, thanks to FO technology, ensure reliable transmission.

Ethernet extenders

Communication via 2-wire cable

Transmit serial data reliably using your own cables. Our Ethernet extenders support reliable data transmission up to 20 km with a data rate of either 15 Mbps with a 2-wire cable or 30 Mbps with a 4-wire cable.

Secure connection of fiber optics using compact splice boxes

IEC 61850 via fiber optics

Compact splice boxes ensure the secure connection of fiber optics. Corresponding pre-assembled patch cables are also available. These cables satisfy the requirements of substations in particular and ensure the fast integration of FO devices into existing FO networks.

Radioline wireless modules

Easy signal distribution

Radioline wireless modules enable easy and reliable I/O signal distribution. You can set up a meshed wireless network with very little effort. This ensures secure communication even in the event of interference.