Measurement, conversion, and coupling

Products for power transmission and distribution

Phoenix Contact offers innovative solutions for all your requirements in the field of power transmission and distribution.
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Worker in a substation

Isolate, convert, and filter signals and monitor and control processes: our MCR components cover all the tasks related to interference-free signal transmission – from the sensor level right through to the control level. Discover our energy measuring devices, current and voltage transformers, and relays.

EMpro energy measuring devices

Measurement and monitoring

With EMpro energy measuring devices, you can record and monitor the characteristic electrical data of your system and transfer this data to higher-level control and management systems via standard communication interfaces. Configure and integrate the devices in just a few steps using the web-based, user-guided installation wizard.

Axial armature relays

Durable operation due to high switching capacity

Our auxiliary relays are ideal for use in control and monitoring systems in high-availability and safety-related areas. They ensure electrical isolation between auxiliary and control circuits. At the same time, they consume very little energy despite their high switching capacity.

Relay modules

Extremely compact control and switching

All voltages in a single system. Whether 24, 48 or 60 V DC for the control room or 110, 125 or 220 V DC in the field, our PLC relays process these signals or control voltages at the input as well as the output.

PACT RCP current transformers for retrofitting

Measure currents

Measure and convert currents using easy-to-install current transformers. Whether for a new installation or for quick and easy retrofitting: our current transformers offer a comprehensive product range for converting alternating currents from a maximum of 4,000 A AC to between 0 and 1 A AC.

Current measurement solution for outdoor installation

Current measurement solution for outdoor installation

For outdoor current measurements, we recommend the PACT RCP...-UV measurement solution with UV-resistant Rogowski coil. Installation is complete in just a few simple steps.

  • UV-resistant materials
  • Flexible, open-ended measuring coil
  • Large bandwidth for the detection of harmonics and transients
  • Choose from eight current measuring ranges from 0 … 100 A to 0 ... 4,000 A