Redundancy concepts for the process industry

The requirements placed on system availability and system safety in the process industry are often more stringent than those in other industries.To maintain the functionality of the processes under all circumstances, production processes are set up with either single or multiple redundancies.

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Auxiliary power supply

High system availability in the process industry

We provide you with redundancy at all levels, starting with the redundant supply of auxiliary power, through redundant networks and controls, all the way to overall concepts.

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High-availability systems

To ensure the protection of people and the environment and to avoid expensive production downtimes, the requirements with regard to functional efficiency in the highly complex processing plants are particularly high. Therefore, the failure of a single component must not lead to the failure of an essential function. In this context, high-availability systems are called for. With the special design, the system switches to the intact, redundant component, for example, if the controller or a network cable fails. This prevents system failures.

These redundancy concepts are used, for example, in production plants and in packing units in the chemical and pharmaceutical sectors. These concepts are also used in the oil, gas, food, and power-to-X industries.

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Your advantages Benefit from our expertise in system redundancy

  • Overall concept for your individual application, from the planning right through to product installation with an extensive product portfolio
  • Adaptation of the redundancy function to the individual requirements of your system type
  • Easy integration of third-party devices with the use of redundancy mechanisms based on open industry standards

Design of redundant processing plants

Interactive image map: Redundant processing plant design
PLC controllers
We provide PLC controllers in all performance classes to satisfy all of your requirements.
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PLC controllers
Industrial Ethernet switches
Industrial-grade unmanaged and managed switches.
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Industrial Ethernet switches
I/O systems
Our I/O systems with IP20 and IP65/IP67 degrees of protection are suitable for all common bus systems and networks.
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I/O systems
Visu+ software
Take advantage of our versatile Visu+ visualization software with SCADA functionality.
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Visu+ software
Power supplies with maximum functionality
The powerful QUINT POWER power supplies with high-level functionality provide superior system availability with SFB Technology and the individual configuration of signaling thresholds and characteristic curves.
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Power supplies with maximum functionality

Redundant power supplies

Redundancy concepts for the auxiliary voltage supply.

Power supply in front of a processing plant

Maximum system availability

An interruption of the auxiliary voltage supply in system parts or in individual components can lead to long and thus costly production downtimes. We provide you with consistent redundant auxiliary voltage supplies from the mains through to every load.

You can increase your system availability by monitoring all types of errors through the use of redundant power supply systems, including double overvoltage protection (OVP). In addition, our power supplies feature SIL 3 approval, a protective coating, and ATEX/IECEx approval. With a simplified design without additional external modules, you can save costs and space in the control cabinet.

Redundant remote I/O systems

Reliable and safe I/O systems for high system availability.

Axioline P I/O system in a control cabinet

High-availability I/O system with hot-swap capability

Our high-availability Axioline P I/O system consists of redundant PROFINET bus couplers as well as digital and analog I/O modules. With extended temperature ranges and hot-swappable intrinsically safe I/O modules, including HART and NAMUR standards, Axioline P is designed to meet the demands of the process industry. The system can be connected to DCS systems at a lower level. In addition, you have the option of redundantly integrating PROFIBUS PA devices into your network.

We also offer a standardized solution based on the PROFINET redundancy layer for our I/O components.

Redundant networks

Reliable networks enable highly efficient system operation through high availability.

Products for industrial communication

Failsafe communication

Redundant network structures ensure that communication is maintained even in the event of an error.

No matter which transmission medium you use in your process, we provide you with suitable solutions, from simple media redundancy right through to parallel network redundancy. Our range includes suitable network components for setting up a failsafe communication solution, e.g., with RSTP (Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol) or MRP (Media Redundancy Protocol). The basis for these include high-performance gigabit switches, modems, controllers, and media converters.

Redundant control systems

With redundant control systems, you can reduce system downtimes, work cost-effectively, and avoid potential dangers.

High-performance RFC 4072S and RFC 4072R controllers

Safe and redundant high-performance controllers

Our high-performance PLCs of the RFC (Remote Field Controller) family have a diagnostics display that allows you to conveniently read status messages regarding the control system and fieldbus system. With the powerful processor, comprehensive automation tasks can be processed at maximum speed.

Ensure the continuous operation of your automation applications with the PROFINET redundancy PLCs. The PLCs establish a redundant system automatically with AutoSync Technology.

You can use the safety version to integrate safety functions up to SIL 3 into existing systems. The use of PROFIsafe reduces wiring effort and installation time.

Plant in the process industry

Applicative system redundancy

Tailor the redundancy function to the individual requirements of your system type. Based on our PLCnext Technology control platform, we provide you with a redundancy system for using open industry standards that are accessible to any device manufacturer.

You will find the applicative system redundancy to make the PLCnext Control controllers redundant in our PLCnext Store.

Visualization software with SCADA functionality

Take advantage of our versatile Visu+ visualization software with SCADA functionality.

Visu+ visualization software

Software for every application

The visualization software with SCADA functionality is suitable for every application, from a compact touch panel right through to an industrial PC. In addition to standard functions such as trend and alarm management, Visu+ offers comprehensive functions for alarm distribution and data logging with a link to external databases. High-quality graphical reporting and audit trail functions in accordance with FDA 21 CRF, Part 11 complete the range of functions.

Visu+ runs both on Windows PCs as well as embedded platforms (Windows CE). Touch panels from Phoenix Contact are already equipped with the runtime component for embedded devices. With the OPC Classic interface and numerous direct drivers, Visu+ can be linked to controllers from Phoenix Contact and other leading controller manufacturers.

For mobile use, the Visu+ mobile native app is available for iOS and Android operating systems. Thanks to multitouch support, it also enables you to operate it comfortably on smart devices.

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