Industrial data connectors in transportation technology

Robust high-speed cabling via RJ45 VDS Verkehrstechnik GmbH relies on industrial RJ45 data connectors in harsh conditions.

  • The company VDS Verkehrstechnik GmbH develops and produces high-precision equipment for traffic monitoring.

  • To ensure that the speed measuring devices function perfectly even under the most adverse environmental conditions, the company relies on copper-based data connectors from Phoenix Contact.

  • The technical properties of the RJ45 industrial data connectors are superior in terms of vibration, shock, and flexion tests.

  • With different cable outlet directions, the connectors for field assembly also feature a high degree of flexibility in terms of on-site cabling.

Development engineer at VDS Verkehrstechnik GmbH with connector solution from Phoenix Contact

Roberto Keller, Development Engineer at VDS Verkehrstechnik GmbH, decided upon the connector solution from Phoenix Contact

Customer profile

For more than 21 years, VDS Verkehrstechnik GmbH in Löbau, Saxony, has been developing and manufacturing high-precision equipment for traffic monitoring. The company is a subsidiary of International Road Dynamics Inc. (IRD), a company that creates intelligent traffic system (ITS) products and solutions and is active worldwide.

With its 25 employees, VDS is an established player on the market, and its equipment helps to curb speeding offenses and thus increase road traffic safety.

Devices for traffic monitoring

Devices for traffic monitoring place special requirements on the installed components


The heart of every device is the camera sensor. This highly sensitive photo sensor must be able to photograph a fast-moving object in a way that can be used in court, even in rain, snow´, and darkness. The collected data must then be transmitted as quickly as possible from the respective measuring sensor or measuring device to the camera head and the electronic evaluation unit (the computer), and then forwarded to the media converter. From there, the information collected is transmitted directly to the responsible authority via LTE.

“It is difficult to imagine which environmental influences have a permanent effect on a stationary device, for example. It is not just the extreme temperature fluctuations that put a strain on the built-in electronics and components, but also shock and vibration,” explains the Development Engineer responsible, Roberto Keller. “Imagine a place two meters from a busy federal highway that is passed by 40-metric-ton trucks every ten seconds. These are conditions that are difficult to match even under the most adverse industrial conditions. The past has taught us that the use of industrial-grade connectors is essential.”

Data connector solution from Phoenix Contact

The design should be as simple as possible to avoid handling errors in the field, as well


VDS Verkehrstechnik focuses on providing durable and reliable solutions that are state-of-the-art and comply with national and international standards. The copper-based data connectors from Phoenix Contact provide a solution. “The manufacturer’s in-house testing program was simply impressive,” says Keller. Vibration tests up to 2,000 Hz, shock tests up to 50g, and the bending test (flexion test) with a restraining force of 30 N left zero doubt. Now, nothing stands in the way of future-proof high-speed cabling with up to 10 Gbps. Since the components are matched to each other, maximum transmission reliability is guaranteed even under the harshest conditions. Aside from the basic technical properties, the applied field-assembled RJ45 industrial connectors also offer a high degree of flexibility with regard to on-site cabling.

Depending on the configuration and the available installation space, it is possible to attach a straight cable outlet or an outlet angled in two different directions. With the one-piece design and assembly method, which does not require any special tools, the fitter is ensured easy handling both in the factory and at the installation site.

Once a technical solution was found, another advantage became apparent. Because the specification for the device interior only requires IP20 and there was no need to resort to military or heavy-duty industrial connectors, there is a space savings of around 30 percent and cost savings of over 70 percent compared to circular connector versions.

The manufacturer’s in-house testing program was simply impressive.

Roberto Keller - VDS Verkehrstechnik GmbH, Development Engineer
Roberto Keller, Development Engineer at VDS Verkehrstechnik GmbH

Roberto Keller, Development Engineer at VDS Verkehrstechnik GmbH


Increasing requirements on the technology require increasingly powerful connectors. It is important to note that applicable standards must be taken into account and that backward compatibility must be ensured at all times. With Phoenix Contact, we have succeeded in combining the framework conditions listed and creating a price-optimized and future-oriented device concept that is nevertheless robust and easy-to-use.