Manual valves in a process industry plant

Valve monitoring Transmission of valve position information wirelessly to your control system in real time

  • Increased system availability with continuous valve position monitoring based on NAMUR sensors
  • Convenient monitoring of manual system parts, directly from your control system
  • Quick and easy installation with a pre-assembled, ready-to-use control box
Man actuating a valve in a process industry plant

Monitoring the valve position avoids the consequences of incorrect operation.

Monitoring manual valves

Manual valves come in high numbers in process plants. They meter and control liquids, air, or gases. Depending on the production step, and especially in existing installations, manual valves have to be set to the correct position by plant personnel. With checklists in hand, the employee walks through the huge facilities. There, he or she prepares the start-up, flushing, or cleaning of the production line. Incorrect operation can result in anything from production stoppages to major accidents. The open/close position of manual valves can be monitored easily to prevent such incorrect operation.

Valve in a processing plant

Simple technical solutions based on the NAMUR limit switch, for example, are all that are needed to record the end position.

Improved intervention options

Retrofitting NAMUR limit switches and the transmission of I/O information to the control system make it possible to use software interlocks. Benefit from our pre-assembled control box. This gives you a continuous overview of the valve positions in the control room and, at the same time, ideal sensor diagnostics, including the cabling.

Extend the solution with various types of signals. These include, for example, temperatures, pressure values, and also flow rates.

Collect data from the Ex area using the intrinsically safe I/O system

The example architecture shows a valve monitoring system based on decentral substations for acquiring the signals in zone 0 or 1. The structure of a local substation (server station) consists of the power supply, the wireless module, and the intrinsically safe input modules. The number of I/O modules is defined by the application. The system is modular. Extension via the local bus is possible.

Interactive image map: Valve monitoring system based on decentral substations
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