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Cybersecurity in the Digital Factory – no chance for hacker attacks Security evaluation – industrial cybersecurity consulting

The increasing digitalization of production systems increases the security risks and thus the danger of a cyber attack. In order to secure factories against attacks from both the inside and outside in accordance with current laws and standards, it is important to have holistic analyses and concepts created by certified experts.

Phoenix Contact provides you with goal-oriented cybersecurity services:

  • A consultancy service for holistic 360° security concepts in accordance with IEC 62443 (blueprints).
  • The ability to analyze your current hazard and risk situation and discover optimization potential.
  • Many years of expertise from internationally experienced cybersecurity experts.
Security evaluation

The IIoT opens up new possibilities – including for unauthorized access

New opportunities for attacks and manipulation are emerging through the IIoT and the increasing network connections that come with it – regardless whether those are set up within a factory, across multiple sites, at one location, or to third parties. Old protective mechanisms are not designed to protect against these threats. In contrast to these, national laws, standards, and efforts are being defined throughout the world to create internationally applicable directives for Industrial Cyber Security (ICS). If these directives cannot be complied with, companies cannot be a stakeholder in a supply chain.

Companies often lack the complex knowledge of the currently applicable legal provisions necessary for analyzing the current status of their own production and to create a security concept for OT and IT. In addition, the work necessary demands intensive time and cost resources.

To ensure the fully comprehensive security of a Digital Factory, the following requirements apply:

  • Compliance with currently applicable national and international ICS laws and standards.
  • Individual adaptation of a security concept to each company location.
  • Protection against cyber-attacks from inside as well as outside.
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Individually tailored services by experienced ICS experts

As a certified security service provider, Phoenix Contact has a broad range of knowledge in the field of cybersecurity:

Hazard and risk analysis
A hazard and risk analysis is carried out to record and assess the current status of the production network. The experts record all communications within your production, analyze network structures, and scan your devices for outdated firmware. This information is used to identify possible weak points.

360° security concept
Through the creation of a blueprint in accordance with IEC 62443, you receive a concept with detailed documentation for the creation of an ideally secured factory.

Individual training courses and seminars
The security analysis of your network is a recurring process. In order to be able to analyze and eliminate future threats independently, we offer comprehensive training sessions and seminars that are individually tailored to the group of participants and the given framework conditions. The focus is always on linking theory and current practice.

The implementation of cybersecurity in the Digital Factory results from the interaction of technical and organizational measures which must always be adapted to the use case. Using our expertise and experience, we will support you in its successful implementation.

Dr. Lutz Jänicke - Phoenix Contact, Corporate Product & Solution Security Officer
Dr. Lutz Jänicke
Holistic security concept for the Digital Factory

Everything from a single source

With our “Security Evaluation“ solution we provide you with:

  • The extensive expertise of ICS experts on compliance with currently applicable national and international laws and standards.
  • An assessment of your current protection measures and how you can best protect your expertise and processes against unauthorized access from both the inside and outside.
  • The targeted expansion of your own expertise in the field of industrial cybersecurity.
Individual and scalable solutions
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