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Production fully protected – from both the inside and outside Securely networked production – location-independent and secure access to your systems

The increasing number of network devices increases the number of connections within your production system. And with increasing digitalization and networking within the Digital Factory, but also with third-party companies such as maintenance services, the risk of cyber attacks also increases. To meet the requirements of location-independent access by third parties under all security-relevant aspects, we offer you “securely networked production“:

  • Solutions for dividing your production into zones to minimize potential hazards.
  • Smart and fast approaches to implementing secure concepts that save you a lot of time.
  • An international security cloud VPN service that enables you to securely network your sites and provide controlled access to third-party companies.
Securely networked production

Protect OT and IT against hacker attacks

The manufacturing industry worldwide is facing the challenge of networking and digitalizing production facilities with all the features of IIoT and Industry 4.0. This can maintain competitiveness, increase productivity, and result in sustainable production processes. In addition to the interconnection of network devices within a network, there are also opportunities for connecting to locations spread around the world. Location-independent access for third-party companies can also be regulated and secure.
However, unauthorized access and the introduction of malware increases the threat of a cyber attack on the Digital Factory. This results in the following challenges:

  • Securing expertise and processes with holistic protection against internal and external attacks.
  • Maintaining protective measures while making the security concept easy to use and manage.
  • Complying with all applicable national and international ICS laws and standards.
FL MGUARD 1100, 2100, and 4300

FL MGUARD 1100, 2100, and 4300

Comprehensive protection with intelligent products and solutions

The industrial cybersecurity portfolio from Phoenix Contact provides different methods for complying with all ICS policy challenges. Furthermore, you can enable flexible and targeted external access to your production network and control it.

mGuard security routers
With our mGuard product family, we provide comprehensive protection, intelligent routing, and controlled (remote) VPN connectivity. The security routers can be integrated quickly and easily.

Data Security Box

Data Security Box

Data Security Box
With the ready-to-use Data Security Box, Phoenix Contact is providing a compact control cabinet solution with which you can cover various ICS functions and tasks. In addition to zoning and secured remote access, intelligent firewalls can also be installed quickly and easily. Its modular design enables easy customization to your production network, which is why it can be adapted to any application.

Let us take a look together how the Data Security Box can support you in your plans.

Based on the recent past, we can see that financial interests are increasingly the prime motivation of attacks. Criminals encrypt corporate data and demand a ransom, or sell the stolen expertise to third parties.

Frank Brockhagen - Phoenix Contact, Senior Project Manager, Data Security
Frank Brockhagen

Digitalize safely and reliably every time

With the “securely networked production” solution, we provide you with:

  • A coordinated portfolio consisting of intelligent products and solutions for state-of-the-art protection of your production systems.
  • Smart ways to effectively protect your existing production systems.
  • The expertise necessary for complying with the applicable ICS laws and standards from an economic point of view.
Individual and scalable solutions
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