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Safe and fast integration of machines into the Digital Factory Secure machine integration – cybersecurity for individual machines and systems

In order to meet the current and future conditions of a Digital Factory, production systems must be one thing above all in their communication and physical composition: flexible.
Changing requirements can often be met by integrating a machine at a later date. To ensure that integration is as time-saving and simple as possible, Phoenix Contact will provide you with the highest security standards:

  • A plug-and-protect security router with 1:1 NAT function.
  • Complete protection against unauthorized access and establishment of secure remote VPN connections.
  • Intelligent firewalls with easy setup.
Secure machine integration

Flexible manufacturing through the intelligent integration of machines

Current trends such as IIoT, Industry 4.0, and batch size 1 call for production systems that are increasingly flexible in their physical structure and communication. This includes intelligent machines that can be easily integrated into the infrastructure at a later date. This results in the following challenges for the Digital Factory:

  • The secure, fast, and smart integration of machines into the existing networks without having to make any changes.
  • Reducing potential cyber attack threats to a minimum.
  • Providing a simple firewall setting with intuitive operation.
FL mGuard 2000

FL mGuard 2000

Powerful security routers for secure machine integration

The mGuard product family from Phoenix Contact offers you the solution for the safe implementation of machines as well as systems under the highest safety standards.

Intelligent firewalls
Reduce the risk of a successful cyber attacks with intelligent firewalls, thereby protecting sensitive data and processes against data theft, tampering, and unauthorized access.

Easy to integrate in existing networks
Smart features such as 1:1 NAT enable you to connect the machine to the network via the security router and most of the settings and properties are automatically applied. No time-consuming manual configuration or adaptation of the existing network is necessary.

Secured VPN access
Determine yourself which machines you want to enable access to with a secured VPN connection. In this way, you enable external service providers to execute orders independently of location for the machines you have selected.

To meet the high demands on security and availability in production, we were able to integrate existing and new systems smartly and, above all, securely into the infrastructure with the intelligent mGuard security routers. In addition, the ruleset was easy to create using the firewall wizard.

Daniel Fiedler - Phoenix Contact, Manager, Test Engineering
Daniel Fiedler

Increase productivity through secure integration

With the secure machine integration solution, we provide you with:

  • State-of-the-art security protection for individual machines in your Digital Factory.
  • Intelligent firewall rules that can be deployed against malicious intrusions in accordance with your specifications.
  • An efficient way to integrate machines into existing networks while incorporating existing configurations.
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