Switchover solutions in test mode to migrate signal boxes

Example application: Modernization of railway infrastructure systems

Switching between old and new signal boxes in test mode

During migration, switching between old and new signal boxes in test mode

During migration from classical to digital signal boxes, the new signal box technology is typically set up alongside existing old systems. After a thorough test of the new system, a switchover to the outdoor system’s devices is made. This is either done once with immediate operation of the new system and disassembly of the old system or is carried out several times in test mode during overnight shutdown. In the case of test mode at night, the signal boxes must be switched back to the old system for daytime operation. This may mean switching over from the old system to the new one several times until the entire new system has been successfully tested and can finally be commissioned.

Electromechanical devices are necessary for switching between the old and new system. Disconnect terminal blocks from Phoenix Contact, for example, can be dismantled after final commissioning without intervening in the wiring.-

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Connection technology for railway infrastructure

Connection technology for railway infrastructure

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