Acquiring and processing diagnostic information on the system status and making it available based on need

Example application: Digital transformation in railway infrastructure

Example application: Diagnostic information in railway infrastructure

Systematically acquiring and processing diagnostic information

With the development of a decentralized railway infrastructure, equipment diagnostics and maintenance become more complex because devices are distributed along the route instead of being grouped in central signal boxes. Remote diagnostics and remote maintenance are effective means of keeping the cost of controlling device status to a minimum. The flood of data that arrives in the control room must also be processed. To implement remote monitoring, diagnostics, and preventive maintenance as leanly as possible, it is more efficient to pre-process data acquired decentrally and to only transfer the relevant data to the control room.

As you develop this lean remote diagnostics capability, products from Phoenix Contact support you with programming software for a number of systems, interfaces, and communication protocols. Simple connection to your own databases is also possible.

Automation and communication technology

Automation and communication technology for railway infrastructure

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