Remote monitoring of lightning protection equipment and checking readiness for use

Example application: System availability in railway infrastructure

Monitoring surge protection equipment remotely

Monitoring surge protection equipment remotely with CLIXTRAB

As the digitalization of railway infrastructure progresses, the amount of intelligent, electronic operating equipment is increasing. It is not installed centrally in signal boxes, but instead is decentralized in the field. This has two consequences: First, sensitive electronic devices are equipped with lightning protection. Second, the decentralized system architecture makes it more difficult for maintenance personnel to access the devices and, in turn, acquire information on the lightning protection’s readiness for use. Monitoring with cyclical inspection rounds is time-consuming and cost-intensive, and it only provides a snapshot. If the lightning protection is reduced between inspection rounds, this is only evident at the next inspection round. In the interim, the system is potentially unprotected. For this reason, modern lightning protection must support inspection and offer the option of remote monitoring. Consequently, Deutsche Bahn has redefined the requirements for lightning protection in its own directive (DB RIL 819.0808).

Phoenix Contact satisfies these requirements with remote monitoring solutions that provide continuous information on the operating status of the lightning protection equipment – for decentralized devices as well.

Lightning and surge protection for railway infrastructure

Lightning and surge protection for railway infrastructure

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