Leakage monitoring for pipelines

Leakage monitoring Time-synchronous data acquisition and transmission for pipeline monitoring

  • Uniform controller times with time synchronization via the NTP server service of the mGuard security router
  • Different transmission media for flexible data transmission adapted to your plant situation
  • Integration of remote system parts with secure transmission via the Internet
Pipeline in a desert

Pipelines must be continuously monitored for leakages for reasons of safety and environmental protection

Reliable protection of your pipeline

Pipeline leakages can have serious consequences. The causes are not only wear and tear, but also unauthorized access to the product transported through the pipeline. Sensor stations located along the pipeline every 50 km or more are able to register a problem. But lots of time can go by before the leakage is found and fixed.

To curb personal injury, property damage, and environmental damage, and to comply with legal requirements, pipelines therefore require high-performance monitoring solutions.

Monitoring leaks in pipelines
Monitoring leaks in pipelines YouTube

Cooperation for monitoring leaks in pipelines

Together with Krohne Messtechnik, we have developed a solution for monitoring pipelines.

PipePatrol offers a total package of products, solutions, and services for comprehensive management of oil and gas product pipelines. Operational, safety, and environmental constraints as well as legislative requirements are taken into account.

Pipeline in a winter environment

A wide range of transmission options enable customized infrastructures

Transmission of necessary real-time data in various ways

Reliable data transmission from the field devices is the foundation for solid decisions in the control room.The recorded flow, pressure, and temperature data are time-stamped precisely at the various measuring stations and then transmitted to the control system. The particularly robust components ensure reliable data transmission over the corresponding ranges even under harsh ambient conditions with temperature fluctuations. 

The transmission options, such as secured Internet connections via VPN tunnels and SHDSL, cellular communication, Radioline, and WLAN connections, are adapted to the local conditions in each case and ensure optimum data transmission.

Transmitter in the field for pipeline leakage monitoring

Data acquisition in the field for leakage monitoring for efficient pipeline management

Connection of existing and new sensors

Based on our PLCnext Technology ecosystem, any sensors already in the field can be connected and used. A wide range of intrinsically safe and non-intrinsically safe I/O modules are available for this.

Install new sensors on the pipeline to increase accuracy. This will be coordinated with our partner Krohne and you.

Communication solutions for any infrastructure

Regardless of the area in which the pipeline is used, the discharge of hazardous materials is always a particular challenge for companies. We offer versatile solutions for the automatic detection of leakages. The rapid-response systems are designed for different materials and diameters. Various communication systems provide the basis for tailored communication ranges.

Interactive image map: Topological representation of leakage monitoring
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