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Inverter communication Easy implementation of photovoltaic projects

Photovoltaic projects can be easily implemented with our Solarworx software library in the PLCnext Engineer programming software from Phoenix Contact. It includes drivers for data loggers and interfaces for inverters, energy measuring devices, and portals. It also includes complex blocks for solar altitude calculations and monitoring photovoltaic trackers, for example. To keep the engineering outlay for commissioning photovoltaic systems to a minimum, we are constantly developing new drivers and function blocks for the integration of further inverters. 

Solarworx software library

Solarworx software library

Use of the Solarworx software library

In order to guarantee the cost effectiveness of photovoltaics systems, all components must reliably withstand challenging conditions over long periods of time. However, even the best hardware can only be commissioned in a straightforward way, without errors, if the required software is fully developed and tested.

Existing function blocks enable the use of different inverters or energy measuring devices without laborious analysis of the protocols. Thus, when it comes to programming, the focus can be placed on data processing and communication.


Solarworx software library

Ready-made function blocks simplify implementation of photovoltaics projects

Function blocks of the Solarworx software library

Phoenix Contact provides software libraries specially for photovoltaic systems, which are continuously expanded by adding functions. Ready-made function blocks enable straightforward communication with inverters. They enable, for example, general inverter information, such as serial numbers or the inverter type, to be read out. Furthermore, photovoltaic tracking systems can also be controlled and all standard AC and DC measuring values determined, e. g., the current feed-in power or yield. Even acquiring inverter-specific event and status messages is no problem. The portfolio is completed with function blocks and a program template for controlling the reactive power feeding of a photovoltaic system. Phoenix Contact supports system integrators and users with compatible function blocks that use the SunSpec® open standard.

The SunSpec® Alliance is a global user organization of over 170 participants from the solar industry. In order to enable plug-and-play solutions, it pursues the goal of defining communication standards. This reduces the costs and complexity of solar-powered systems and makes them more attractive to investors.

Your advantages

  • Reduced engineering with preprogrammed function blocks
  • Reliable operation of the photovoltaic system due to comprehensive function block tests
  • Flexibility with the international IEC 61131 programming standard in use
  • Continuously growing range of functions with regular new additions to the block library