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Inflow metering in wastewater treatment Flexible control of the wastewater inflow

Do you want to control a continuous inflow and protect your wastewater treatment plant from overflow during heavy rains? Do you want to operate your pumps permanently and energy-efficiently and rely on seamless monitoring?

Discover control solutions for supply structures, rainwater relief systems, and pumping stations and learn how easily predictive maintenance can be implemented for your plant.

Ensure an on-demand inflow into the wastewater treatment plant

The wastewater treatment plant inflow system must be highly flexible so that it can respond to constantly changing weather events. The ability to adjust control processes to different framework conditions in good time is made possible by digital information from the plant utilities. Phoenix Contact provides control solutions for inflow structures, rainwater relief systems, and pumping stations. Specially developed functions and components allow needs-based operation with a focus on availability and resource efficiency.

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Rain overflow basin
Wastewater pumping station
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Rain overflow basin

In order to operate rain overflow basins efficiently for many years while reducing the resources required, equipping them with the latest technology is critical. With a combination of modern measuring, automation and transmission technology, you can record and balance the inflowing water volumes. In this way, you will also be able to meet stricter specifications for calculating the amount of wastewater and rainwater in the future.

Industry-specific software solutions with diagnostic functions also increase the service life of pumps in screw conveyors. Alternating priorities during control ensure an even load on the actuators. With demand-dependent adjustment of the speed, the screw conveyors run only as fast as necessary.

Wastewater pumping station

Pumping stations and pumps are needed in inflow metering where wastewater does not drain on its own due to differences in elevation. Modernizing wastewater pumping stations with automation technology contributes to the long-term reliability, longevity, and energy efficiency of your plant.
Pump Control is the ready-to-use control cabinet and software solution for controlling wastewater pumping stations. It ensures reliable reading out and transmission of relevant process data relating to level and flow measurements to the control room.

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Pump maintenance

Predictive maintenance means permanent monitoring of systems and assemblies via state-of-the-art sensors. Indications of wear are detected in good time and further damages and failures are avoided.
With Pump Monitor, the solution for easily realizing predictive maintenance, you can monitor the status of your pumps and motors from anywhere and at any time.

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Inflow pumping station

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  • Easy planning, configuration, and realization with turnkey hardware and software solutions
  • Holistic and deeply integrated security concepts to protect plants against unauthorized access and risks
  • Versatile data transmission via your own telecommunications cable, wireless, or Industrial Wireless
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